I'm not bashing the new layout but I'm finding it hard to use

What does the gold numbers in some threads mean?

I can’t find a relevant FAQ, is there one?


Wtf, I thought I replied to a but looks like I’m talking to myself…or no one lol.

You did reply to him but to get his post to show you need to hit the conversation cloud in the reply window first

I’m starting to figure it out. Not sure where my subbed threads are now tho.

Are frames a possibility?

Honestly I was trying forever to get my password reset it took this new forum design to come back. I was lurking though haha.

Same here. It’s a bit frustrating trying to keep up with conversations when it jumps, blank spaces, images not loading, etc. as I’m scrolling.

Exactly my experience. Can’t see the cursor when I type either. The new layout is fine if they fix all the bugs for the app. If they don’t fix them, it’s not worth using. The screen jumping and post disappearing or turning white is extremely annoying and makes it unusable. Hopefully the top men are working on updates for the app


This new layout should be called Sherdog V2.0… imho

They very much are. It’s related to the ad units. The fix is def underway.

Fantabulous. Looking forward to it

Chris gave me a pro account apparently and I have the receipt for the free year but I still see ads.

Check again on seeing ads. Fine or still there?

Wow, the amount of ads now is crazy

Same here.


Why are bashing the new layout?

slow load times, and scrolling can be slow