Im stepping up to fight TKO 19!!

Hey everyone

I just agreed to fight Stephan "Nordic Thunder" Laliberte at the TKO this Saturday night in a preliminary fight.

Im gonna bring the best fight I can at such short notice and Im taking a big step up in experience, his 11 fights versus my 3 fights (UH Oh!!)Im ready and Im in shape, expect a great fight. Laliberte is a tough guy and a warrior, Im anxious to see If I can hold my own.

I would appreciate If everyone could give me a little shout out of support and any advice. Ive never seen him fight.

Gladiator Grappling, Ronin's MMA in Ottawa, the team of badasses from Joslin's, thanks again for all, much love and thanks keep me in your prayers.

TTYL, Greg Compton

You KNOW I'm pulling for you buddy!

Good job Greg...hope to see you there.

Greg! thats great news man. I will be there cheering you on!

Good luck!

Hey Greg!

You'll take him! You're way more technical than him.
M$M and I have seen him live a few times, and he's
just a brawler - no real style. Look out for big bombs,
weather the storm and out-style him. He's aggressive,
so be careful, keep your composure, and you'll win.

Good luck,

P.S. I have my third boxing match here on Thursday. I
won the British Universities Championship before
Christmas (1st round) and am also stepping up against
a more experienced fighter this time.


He throws wild haymakers - come straight down the pipe
on him, if at first you don't connect on his noggin,
keep 'em coming, eventually you'll get through for the
big KO.

All the best my friend. Give'er.

Nordic is out of Steve Claveau's camp and most of his wins are by submission.

I saw him fight Pain. He tried to bang with Pain. Pain took him down, worked to gain mount, ended up getting his back and sunk in the choke.

I also saw him fight The Machine. Nordic didn't want to bang with the Machine so he kept trying to force the fight to the ground. Mark armbarred him.

Good luck with your fight.

Try the dim mak.

Greg, I always have your back, give me a call. I have seen him fight at least 4 times. You can definately win this one!

TTT for Greg "The Bob Sapp of 145" Compton



Good Luck Greg ! I wish I could be there to cheer you on !


Greg, whats your email. I have some of Stephans video clips I can email you if you are interested

Throw straight punches, right down the middle. He throws wind up hay makers. Almost like he's pitching.

Best of luck!

His style has been summed up fairly well here.
I don't know how he's improved since I last saw him.
He's exciting and aggressive but has been known to not come in
in top conditioning or totally prepared.
However, don't underestimate him.

Much love to everyone for all the support

Crazyhook, the email is, If you could send those that would so kick ass, hell I'll buy enough beer to get you drunk!!

JHR why the F#CK are you not coming to watch?? I was gonna have you camcorder the fights and then buy you lapdances at Club Super Sex!! Oh well guess Showdown Joe and i will be looking at Ta-Ta's all night long

The fact he fought Pain worries me cause pain is a warrior but I train hard, Im not over my head. Thank's Wayne-O, I'll keep the right hands straight, work my game.

Xader, your the best, im calling you in a minute or so

Thanks everyone for the well wishes, please say hello to me at the fights.

Greg Compton

Greg check you email and let me know you got it! kick ass man. Don't worry about getting me drunk, we can enjoy a cold one after the show

Damnitt this will be sweet

Im so going to terrorize the strip clubs, Black eyes, split lip I dont care, Im gonna get me some lapdances fo shure!!

TTYL, Greg Compton

Crazyhook got that stuff, thanks man


those punches are definitely an opportunity to time them, shoot to mid body and suplex or duck under and take the back. good luck.

Greg you are the king
Knock him down and go for the good old farmerbrown!!!!
Ps sorry I won't be there to watch