Increaseing Bench?

What is the best way to increase my bench. Is 2 times a week benching to much?

Check out some of the Westside Barbell articles. They have lots of good info on just that. Also they bench two times a week. Once for Maximum effort and once for Dynamic Effort.

What works for me is a phase of low rep strength training. I generally do about 8 sets of 1-3 reps, with 85-95% of my one rep max.

Static holds and partials supplement this well. Load the bar up with more weight than your 1RM and perform partials in the top range of motion, or just hold the bar stationary.

This type of training works your nervous system by overloading your body with heavier than usual weights and forcing your body to recruit more muscle fibres more efficiently.

Once you have your strength gains, go back to a tradtional hypertrophy cycle, 3x10 or whatever, and if your diet is right you will grow since you will be lifting far heavier weight and performing more work.

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