Indoor cardio

Anyone have any ideas for cardio that you can do in a pretty enclosed indoor area? (Not skipping rope, since the roof is too low. When I skip rope, I usually end up going outside. Not bag work, either, since I won't have a heavy bag until a few weeks from now). I've been doing lots and lots of burpees for the last few months, but I'm looking for some variation.

Scrapper's Mod1 is your answer.

Dumbell swings and snatches are awesome for cardio.

I've done plenty of Scrapper's workouts over the last few years. I just recently spent about a year doing primarily Scrapper's workouts, and believe me they worked out great for me. While they work my cardio to a degree, I've found that they mostly tax my muscular endurance (After going through a session of Scrapper's, my muscles ache in protest and my stomache's a bit wobbly, but I'm not breathing as hard as, say, 30 minutes of sprints). And I do go through the workouts at a decently fast pace.

I'll have to look into the dumbell swings and snatches.

How about some shadow boxing? Mix in a few sets of sprawls - something like the Bas Rutten workout (without the heavy bag contact)?

Sprawls, Penetration Step, Mountain Climbers,
Leap Frog , High Knee, Fencing Lunges. . .

Pleanty of others.


KWJ - lol, 'bored' of burpees might be putting it a little strong...they still kick my ass. My cardio's definitely skyrocketed since doing the burpees. I haven't tried jogged in a while, but it's still evident whenever I play some bball with friends or done some casual grappling in a friend's living room. Even still, I'm completely exhausted after doing them though.

Nbl and Chuckk - Actually, I've been trying out shadow boxing and sprawls and they've been working out pretty well. I'll have to try those other exercises you mentioned though.

Concept II rower.

If you have the means, I highly recommend 'picking one up'.

A concept im toying with at the moment is to do Takus intervals using alpine steps (ive heard the exercise called different names tho..). Ill let you know how it goes.