Influential Martial Art movies?

What are the most influential martial arts movies to you? Which ones got you started?

My list..

1) Enter the Dragon

2) Fists of Fury

3) Kung Fu, the series(I know it's TV)

Some of the younger guys I know say..

1) Blood Sport

2) Karate Kid

Five Deadly Venoms
Shaolin Master Killer (aka. 36 Chambers of Shaolin)
The Octagon
Billy Jack

Last Dragon

Are there any other MArtial arts movies?

"Who's the Master!"

Greatest movie ever made in Army of Darkness

Shop smart, shop S-Mart

Bloodsport was the movie that got me interested in Martial Arts.

They call me Bruce

The Octagon.

Gigantor the space-age robot?

Are you command?

heh...I wondered if anyone would get that obscure reference.

and Yes I am an old fart...I turn 38 tomorrow!


Thanks, man. Happy b-day to your child too!

Hey, did you ever watch "Voyage into Space"? I'm betting the answer has to be "yes". The one where Johnny Sako has this watch, with which he can control a giant robot?

I loved that movie!

Lagorion, the silver faced guy, Dracalon, etc... Man, that was good stuff...

Bloodsport got me interested in martial arts, and my all time favorite is still Best of the best.

and as far as the young punks go, take heart and be of good cheer - we're accruing "old man strength". That'll counteract their speed and flexibility any day!

and btw, my answers are Enter The Dragon and Return Of The Dragon. I was (and still am) a huge Bruce Lee fan.

Masters of the Universe

Its all about the heros in a half shell...Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!!!

"I don't know about you, but injuries seemed to last weeks longer than they used to.... "

I have a bad back and was unable to hang with the BJJ class. I was a wreck when I got home...was reading a story with my daughter and, literally, had to CRAWL off the floor to get up. Severe lower back pain.

It's getting alot better though. I joined a traditional martial arts school, which is helping my back.

"The worrrrrrds get stuck in my throat..." ;)

The Black Samurai with Jim Kelly!

"A FISTFUL OF YEN" found within the genius of Kentucky Fried Movie.

"Dr. Klan is building an army of extraordinary magnitude.....he has our gratitude."

Alright, Gigantor, I need your help. You got me into this mess (kinda), so The Words Get Stuck in my Throat...remember? That annoying song from War of the Gargantuas?

donnybrook is absolutely correct, btw...