Inside Info Gannon x Kimbo

Fuckin epic 

Those were the days! 

Lol, Kenflo was a dick.

In (again)

Does Gannon still live in the Boston area?

oh man yeah I remember when Gannon cheated his way to this win too

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LOL @ 30 seconds to get up.

That’s actually the traditional knockout time under London Prize Bareknuckle Boxing rules.

Sorry I never answered your dm, GG…you’re a pro and my message back to you kept getting rejected.

The answer to the question you asked is to use a capital letter “eye” instead of a lower-case “ell”.

Cheers, you savage! 

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Just rewatched...Goddammit is Gannon a tough motherfucker full of heart.

Any significant injuries from this fight?  Tons of swelling, just curious if that translated to broken bones or was just significant soft tissue damage.

Loss of a career was biggest injury.


What about now?

I couldn’t help with the Gannon news to take a quick look at this thread. What a time. None other than Kenny Florian himself posting updates, and then the words that rocked this place….”Gannon Wins. Knocked him the fuck out”.

This was before shit like Twitter and Instagram. This place was rocking back then.

RIP once again to Gannon, the definitive UG legend.


Legendary thread.

Can you imagine if Twitter and Facebook were a thing back then. The lead up to the fight would’ve been enormous. They probably could have gotten a ppv out of it and both got paid a good amount. Kimbo was an internet star in mma circles, with some sponsors, it would’ve been relatively big.

Kimbo & Gannon actually was PPV & both Kimbo & Gannon fought for free & the money went to a charity.


Was joking

Hey you would probably know… wasn’t there a thread with insane story about the Boston PD? I’m drawing a blank but remember reading some crazy stories

King Kong Bundy

I’m still here. Not all the old posters are gone.

I honestly have no idea.I went snoopin around and found part 3 of an interview that was on here that is very long.Parts 1 & 2 are dead links.


RIP Sean. You will be missed.

Hope he got his bread