inversion tables for back pain ?

I have been reading about people with back pain using inversion tables to relieve back pain. Has anyone used one, and did it do anything for you ?

i would like to know too

So you don't think it successfully decompresses the spine ?

I have one, use it everyday, really helps me.  love it

What kind did you buy ?

This is all you need.

Kos shut the fuck up. I think it is a protech  got it off of ebay.

according to kos all you need to heal your back pain is a big hug.

Something you're in dire need of, Dr. Seuss.

It is a pro delux

The traction and decompression can relieve disc and nerve compression problems...

Ringside doc and spine specialist checking in.

Don't waste you money on inversion tables.

They are Bullshit.

Show me one double blinded placebo controlled study that shows their efficacy.

There are treatments like VAX D and DRX 9000 that work for some.

But hanging upside down from your ankles like freakin' bat is not going to decompress you spine.

Maybe it will decompress your wallet though :)

it was given to us by a friend and there are days that Skip is in alot of pain and walks like someone twice his age (get that) but it does give some temporary relief.  he's usually in it 2-3 times a day - probably the same effect of stretching to relieve any type of cramp.  if he can get his back to pop - he's better all day


zip - email Skip

Thanx bkdrchoker and LM and all.


I had a lot of pain for years and the DRX probably relieved 95% of it

Did your insurance cover the treatments ?

I use mine every day. Not a cure all by any means but certainly takes the edge off, which all the spine specialists could not do. As far as the Sarno book goes I think there is some validity to some of his argument but does not seem really all that aplicable in the real world, though I must admit I didn't give it much of a shot.

whats DRX?

"though I must admit I didn't give it much of a shot."

It's worked for over 80% (I forget the exact percentage) of people who did. I was a skeptic at first 'cause I firmly believe that anything that is too good to be true, usually isn't. But if you read and UNDERSTAND the book and apply his principles/strategies you'll be a believer like myself.

This is my thing: whenever someone complains of back/neck pain I tell them about the book 'cause I feel like it's my job being that I used to be a fellow pain sufferer. However, if they choose to ignore me or ridicule me (bkdrchoker) that's cool too; I've done my part (karma-wise at the very least).

it doesn't help me

kills my ankles too