Iron Ring marathon

Not that I will be tuning in.Just saw it on the guide.Just FYI

Come on I know ya wanna check it out.

lmfao at MDF i agree this show is rediculous. What cracks me up is the rappers act hard like they would kick someones ass. HAHA I will watch it anytime for a good laugh.

Ludacris trained me in Ultimate fighting for five months but I was to deadly to get on the show. They didnt want to use one of Ludas boyz. People would have thought it was a work. But I am a Strait killa

The problem is that Ludacris trained you haha.

Naw man he really knows his shit. He has a wicked ground game and unbelievable skills standing

At least it has two decent coaches: Shonie and Jermaine Andre. Other than that, worthless.

Didnt you see? Luda tough mofo. Recognize.

Luda took me to some underground fighting circuit and I strait wrecked shit son, Shit was off the Hizzoook

I did not...I DID NOT!!

Take it BACK!....TAKE IT BACK!!

Are there any legit fighters, i.e. with a record that can be verified, or just TUF guys? Pun intended. ;-)

Naw man, Rampage was there and lost early on and also Randy Coo-ter backed out early after he saw my takedowns.

I meant on the show. I'm watching it right now. ;-)

I dont think I am being taken seriously. This some real shizzy son

Iron Ring makes Kimbo's backyard fights look like classy NSAC sanctioned bouts!

" I dont think I am being taken seriously. This some real shizzy son"

Fo Shizzle! ;-)

When Me and Kimbo fought he was like, "Your yard or mine" I was all like, "Im street,meet me downtown" and hes all Like "i dont do that"...So I knockd his ass out right there....


this show sets mma back 15 years, and sets black people back 300 years.

the discussion is offocially OVER. what else needs to be said

btw-haven't they only done 3 shows? must be quite a marathon-MM

So, it IS official then^ Or what ever you tried to say