Ironheart Crown X: April 29, 2006


looks like another great card. unfortunately i will be at soldier field for the nfl draft that day.



I've got no moneyDAMMIT


Good luck to Team Matamoros, and that other douche Friedland


ooh woo woo

Anybody wanna make some predictions on the fights?

i predict you will win, serafin

watson will win, but will lose in the post fight with me and my attack ape

kreke and j-rod will win

miguel will win

Watson is not fighting due to a rib injury.

Anyone have any info on Calem Willis? Where does he fight out of?

ttt for Mark Burch

Calem fights out of Flint, MI he trains with some tough guys.I'm pretty sure his record is on

that sucks for watson. well as long as everybody is there, it will still be a good time.

so jeff, why 167? you dropped about 15, am i right? i dunno i havent seen you in a while. you looked pretty slim when i saw you last, so you must be etheopian thin now.


ttt for the ironheart crown! great show! very well put together as everyone should know.

Eric-I want on a card!!!!

TTT for an updated card. 

ooh woo woo