Is Hughes really a jerk?

Without fail, everyone I know who's a fan and every post I've seen here claims Hughes is a prick. Has anyone anywhere ever heard some one say anything good about him? (other than he's a good fighter)...

Matt was a humble, quiet country boy. Then, he found Jesus. Now, he is arrogant and talks a little smack because he knows Jesus is going to give him the victory.


I have known Hughes for a little over over a year and he does come off as a prick at times.  It is usually because he likes to keep to himself.  If people get to know him he is a really cool guy who likes to joke around and have a good time.  I have seen him do some pretty cool things and go out of his way for fans. 

When I met him, I thought he was very nice and humble.

someone i know knows him and says hes a dick

I wonder sometimes if the people who say he is an ass hole are just pissed because he didnt give them the type of attention they thought he should at some event somewhere.

Could it be that him and Sylvia and others are really the nice guys that many people claim but they just suck when the cameras are on? It happens to presidents, it can happen to fighters.

I have met matt hughes a few times and each time he was very respectful and polite. He is very quiet and reserved, but was more than willing to answer my questions and take a picuture with my girlfriend. All of the MFS guys I have met have been stand up guys

Id say they are just like everyone else, they have good days and bad days, but they are in the spotlight all the time so the bad is much more noticed by everyone. I met Sylvia, he was real cool, but i have heard just the opposite, I met Matt and he was ok, not extra friendly but ok, also heard he has been not so cool to some fans. Either way noone knows them unless they personally know them, cannot be judged on a small tv clip comment or 1 time meeting.

i have also met matt several times, he even reffed one of my fights. he is a quite guy, not that personable, but he isnt a jerk by any means.

Everytime I've been around him he was very cool.

When you or I are having a bad day and feeling cranky there's no one sticking a microphone in our face nor are complete strangers coming up to any of us asking for attention

"What's more important---help the poor or have the UG think you're a cool guy?"

Cool for UG = partying, smoking pot, screwing as many women as possible and posting pitcures of your conquests.

Un Cool = not partying, having a wife and kids, donating time, not drinking all the time or smoking pot, not bragging about every woman you ever touched.

If you know the rules youll fit in fine here...

Welcome to the UG..

Met Hughes on three separate occassion's. Each and every time he was a polite, friendly gentleman. I met Josh Barnett at UFC 37 and thought he come off as a dickhead.

seems like a good guy, just has terrible social skills and a complete lack of tact. maybe he has asperger's syndrome!

You can't please all the people all the time, that said , i still think Matt is a good guy, it might be that his sense of humor is just misunderstood by most that dont really know him.  

I think he's good to the fans, but when they're not around he's cocky and arrogant.

So, he's either cool, a jerk, or okay.

went to a autograph signing with Couture, Chuck, Karo, Rich F., Hughes and Nate Q.

Hughes and Karo were the friendliest.
Randy came off as a dick.
I know thats just one day, but thats our take.