Is Jake Paul the most feared fighter of all time?

Daniel Cormier backed down from Jake Paul after acting tough

Kamaru Usman called out Jake Paul then backed down when Jake Paul accepted

Dillon Danis backed down

These guys would’ve had the biggest payday of their careers and doubled their net worths fighting Jake but they were scared to step in there

Even Conor McGregor who loves money fights in boxing gets visibly uncomfortable when people mention him fighting Jake Paul

Had there ever been a fighter that people so frequently turned down even though it would be there biggest payday?

I feel fighters are genuinely SCARED of losing to Jake Paul because they don’t want to become a laughing stock and a living meme like Woodley

Jake Paul is the most feared fighter ever




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OP as a child


Because Muhammad Ali knocking down Sonny Liston is totally the same as jake Paul knocking down a basketball player

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CR don’t waste your time my guy. He’s a boxing troll with a minimum of 2 accounts

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