Is puking bad?

I'm back training after a LONG layoff. My cardio is bad and my conditioning is non-existent. I am rolling to the point I hurl a bit when getting off the mat.

Is this good that I'm pushing it this hard and will be getting back in shape, or is this a sign I am going too hard and should slow down a bit?

I have in the past left the mat to puke and went back to rolling. But I'd figure I would ask your thoughts.


if you dont pass out and puke, you werent going as hard as you could

Its bad if it is happening on a regular basis,the acids from your belly can eat away at your throat and tongue.If it happens a couple times a week i wouldnt worry it shouldnt take very long to get your cardio/endurance back up.

Always a sign of a hardass training, but puking hurts your throat and messes up your teeth (when done regularly), so i wouldn't recommend making it a habit :)

and always make sure you swallow back all of your puke, you dont want to lose those valueable nutrients

your body is telling you to stop, so listen. dont push yourself so hard.  you dont have to get back to fighting shape in two days. 

BAH! Man up checkuroil,people chuck in training all the time.I know i have spent my share of time chucking trying to keep up with guys in better shape then myself.

beats me but it sure as hell tastes bad!

throwing up is a great training exercise, sorry.

Cool. I'm good then.
The Cannibal, don't worry I puke right into my water bottle and don't miss a drop. Even dip my mouth guard in it. I do feel like passing out sometimes after rolling on days we practice chokes in July.

Listen to what check is saying. I used to do the same, now I have to battle Atrial Fibrillation. Listen to your body, push it a little bit but don't overdue. Your body will make you pay if you don't.


Puking is not normal for me. Heeved on Tuesday and felt queezy on Thursday.

But I will heed your advice.

I've had several people work out with me and puke, but I've never thrown up. Felt almost like doing it, but never did it.

My first inclination is that puking all the time tells you that something isn't right.

It is also bad for the teeth if done on a regular basis, like several times daily, ie - Bulimics (sp)

Puking is great...

If you're bulimic.

Bulimic's are wacked out. I've heard that they dump in their sleep.

Like in Southpark when you die according to Cartman? Interesting.

If I miss more than 2 or 3 weeks of training, when I start again I will usually puke. It's no big deal; I keep a toothbrush and toothpaste in my gym bag at all times.

Puking is bad, however, it may be a good psychological tool as most people aren't willing to do whatever it takes to get to that next level.