Is the Hellbow Era Here?

Joanna Champ, NewEra Nick, and Natural Born Killer effectively ending fights recently with nasty short elbows from various exchange points.

Elbows from guard, off of clinches and sprawls and from inside striking positions are doing monstrous damage, particularly for lengthy fighters.

Winning draws copycats. Will we see a lot more of these going forward?

Gary Goodridge, Remco Pardoe and a couple other guys planted the tree.

Chris weidman has the best hellbows Phone Post 3.0

Welcome El Cucuy, to the hellbow era. The art of eight limbs getting nasty tonight.

Can't forget Matt Brown's elbows. Phone Post 3.0

aj2517 - Can't forget Matt Brown's elbows. Phone Post 3.0

Brown and Dirty Bird have been hellbowing for years. Tonight is the first night I recall El Cucuy getting so nasty with them. I think Condit showed all these long fighters something when he hamburgered Alves.

JBJ was the Hellbow champ Phone Post 3.0

Hellbow's have been a thing for a long time

Kenny Florian I think made them popular Phone Post 3.0

hellbows. here to stay from what i can tell.

im ok with it

Ferguson's elbows tonight were reminiscent of Jon Jones vs Hashad Evans, although less bloody.

The bloody element of hellbows may be their detriment. UFC is a sponsor slut right now, and could fold at the next "human chicken fighting" accusation by a powerful group. If some line cooks and hostesses can keep mma out of NY, I don't put it beyond reality.

In the meantime, Hellbows away! Phone Post 3.0

My favorite hellbows Hooker Elbows Ian Entwistle UFC Fight Night Auckland.gif Phone Post 3.0

Don't forget TJ Grant: Phone Post 3.0

Misread thread title...I want to believe!

Brian Ortega had those sick hellbows from the bottom too! That cut was viscous and definitely worth a mention. Phone Post 3.0

No mention of Anderson Silva's hellbow uppercut? Stuff of legends right there... Phone Post 3.0

Conor's Kenny Florian impersonation was also great. I love how Chad looked at Dean and had to be told there they are legal and do something about it.

That's one of the reasons Chad might have gone for a sub instead of grinding longer. He wanted to stop getting knotted on the top of the head. Phone Post 3.0

It's the front snap kick to the gut era.

Hellbows have been around for a while. Since Conor's amazing snap luck usage last weekend everyone started doing them tonight. Even the girls! Phone Post 3.0

Bones Jones and Chris Weidman brought the Hellbows already.

The Jon Jones Hellbows are fucking vicious. Also need to mention Travis Browne's hellbows, also deadly

GCatMMA - The Jon Jones Hellbows are fucking vicious. Also need to mention Travis Browne's hellbows, also deadly

Came here to say Browne. Those shots he landed on his gf must have been wild based on the pics!