Is this a good creatine product?



Cell Charge is the most advanced creatine supplement available. The Cell Charge matrix of Kreb's cycle intermediaries (aspartates and succinates) chelated with critical electrolytes and creatine monohydrate amplify the cellular uptake and utilization of creatine by a factor which is calculated to be as high as 300%. This type of superior absorption and metabolism allows circumvention of excessive creatine loading and maintenance doses resulting in elimination of potential stomach upset and greatly reduced creatine loss due to gut hydrolysis and urinary excretion.

Maintenance of a proper ATP/ADP ratio (energy charge) in muscle cells is a critical key in the ability of the muscle to perform at maximum ability. This includes the speed and strength of contraction, limitation of fatigue, protein metabolism and growth. As energy stores within muscle cells decline, important nutrients such as purines, electrolytes, creatine and amino acids, especially glutamine, are lost. Muscle function is further compromised by calcium homeostasis, ammonia induced muscle fatigue, and the loss of electrolytes initiated by intense contraction.

Replacement of depleted ATP (cellular energy) levels is critically linked to initial muscle stores of creatine and creatine phosphate. The greater these reserves, the greater the ability to restore the ATP cache and rapidly elevate muscle cell energy charge.

Cell Charge addresses all these issues by providing supplemental creatine, aspartates, succinates and electrolytes in a biologically enhanced formula. Research has confirmed that the particular form of creatine utilized in Cell Charge effectively increases muscle stores of creatine and creatine phosphate, resulting in an increase in anaerobic (strength training) capacity and elevated potential for muscle protein synthesis. Aspartates promote decreased ammonia production and increased ammonia removal thus reducing ammonia toxicity. Succinates promote calcium homeostasis necessary for noncatabolic muscle metabolism and maximum force of contraction. Electrolytes restore depleted muscle cell stores of potassium, magnesium and calcium commonly resulting from physical exercise. Dr. Jon Kaiser, noted HIV treatment physician and author of 2 best selling books on treatment of immune disorders prescribes Cell Charge to all of his patients for its energy producing and fatigue limiting effects.

Sorry for the lengthy description. Is this worth considering as a supplement?


There's a lot of scientific words in that but not a lot of science if you want my 0.02 of a dollar

How much does it cost?

Any legit creatine mixed with dextrose and a little flavoring is effective, this product would need to be measureably more effective to justify a higher price.


Ten dollars a serving?

hey todd,

if you have a chance, go to and click on 'cell charge'. that's the product.

i get proto whey products from this website. i love their stuff. its great.

I don't like to buy things on the internet.

can't blame you for that. but i am very lazy when it comes to shopping, so i do quite a bit of internet shopping.