Is this any good?

I military pressed 200 lbs on the barbell (so like 240-245 total) 3x8 times standing. Is that any good?

If not, I plead long arm-iness.

Adam from Conn, Winged Hussar

It's more than I can do, so from my perspective, yeah, that's pretty good. I only go as high as about 145 on push-presses, much less strict militaries....

I couldn't do that for a single. What do you weigh? In any event I'd say it's pretty impressive.

Thats damn good. Most people cant bench that much.

Seated with a barbell is harder when done strictly.

That is pretty dam amazing imo!

What is your 1RM Military Press standing?

Your a Monster!


This thread only fuels my hatred for all that is connecticut.

That's a fine OH press.


Where in Conn. do you live?

show off

Haha. I live in the Farmington Valley, outside Hartford. Don't hate, Doug!

I'm not showing off. I have no idea what a good press is. I'm usually very diffident about lifts that utilize my arm length, because that generally puts me at a disadvantage to stockier weightlifters. My best lift is probably the deadlift, and after that upright rows, cleans... basically all the back exercises and shoulder exercises - but I always felt the military press was given its own category.

My bench sucks, and I have an especially hard time with arm exercises - not to say that the numbers for the latter set are weak, but they're just a struggle because I have ape arms and the fulcrum is further away from the weight.

Adam from Conn, Silesian Express

Your not showing off dude.

Solid Military Press.  I'd like to get a bw Military press some day but too many exercises to do!


I also suffer from long arm-iness. It's not so bad when you can get rid of the ego and just compare yourself to yourself.

I just pressed 201

Deadlift is at 550 lbs.

Adam from Conn, Silesian Express

I'm not going to explain myself again.

Adam from Conn, Silesian Express

I can jerk that once. I couldn't strictly press it once though... nevermind 8 times. How much you weigh?

I just used a combination of the plates and cement weights I had here at the house and loaded it up...

4 25 lb. plates

4 16 lb. plates

4 10 lb. plates

Plus the heavy barbell (it's an old-school cement weight bar that absolutely will not bend)

Gaydarblane, my natural weight is around 215 lbs.

Adam from Conn, Winged Hussar