is this real?

Check out this link:

Tell me if gaining 32lbs in 12 weeks is possible?

For people with the right RARE genetics, it may be possible to do it clean.  For everyone else, it's nearly impossible unless you're willing to take steroids and use questionable workouts.


Good ol' Anthony Ellis...He's no Porter Freeman.

You also have to look at the beginner's luck principle(yes I made up the name but everyone who has trained for awhile has seen it). If you have just started lifting correctly, eating clean and healthy, and doing everything else to support growth and recovery, then it is possible to grow that fast. I myself gained 20 pounds in about 4 months just from changing my diet and concentrating on the core lifts.

"The dog ate my homework" - $2.99

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Using GENETICS as an excuse - PRICELESS....

So, everyone has equal potential to gain weight?

Genetics isn't an excuse, it's a reason.

EVERYONE on the planet can get stronger regardless of their genetics. Some people have to train harder, or not as hard, or differently, or eat more, or less, or more often, or less often, but everyone can do it.

There are many many many many many other reasons people fail other than genetics.

I agree, genetics aren't a reason for anyone to fail. They are a limit though. Everyone has a set amount of potential, and the simple fact remains that some people will do better than others. Some people will not be able to gain 30lbs of muscle in 3 months, no matter what they do.

I actually know Anthony Eliis. I met him in Montreal while training with Tony Blauer. He is a friend and student of Tonys.

Anthony is a nice guy who follwed a training program, ate well, trained hard. took tons of supplements and had some great results.

His Genes did make a difference. thousands of people entered those body for life challenges and only the best of the best reults were ever shown.

Genetics does make a huge difference in what results one may achieve through applying sound training and nutrition practices.


Genetics is a hill, not a mountain.

Sorry Kan, I disagree. No matter how hard I work, I'll never win an olympic gold in the marathon, I'll never win WSM, and I'll never win a Mr Universe.

Jonwell if they gave out awards for being realistic
you would definitely get one. I agree with everything
you said. Age makes a difference to the amount of
growth you can expect as well.


Genetics are EVERYTHING in bodybuilding.

No matter how much uma thurman worked out she would never look like Janet jackson and vis versa

that being said,

the key is not to try and look or be like someone else its to be the best YOU and you bodytype can be.

Fitness is a LIFE LONG path not a destination, if your trying to get somewhere youll never have what you want

I've oft been accused of being obessed with reality, Mr. Bryant. I don't necesarily think this is a bad thing, even though the people making that accusation seem to think so :P

I'd be inclined to agree with Legion, anyway.

Genetics determine POTENTIAL it is simple as that. No matter what you hear, it is impossible to exceed your potential. That's a contradiction in terms. I think what a lot of people get pissed at is someone with great genetic potential,an accident of choosing the right parents, telling them THEY are not working out hard enough for results that the genetically gifted come by with little or not work.