Is Tito Ortiz slightly schizo?

Guy was finally brought back into the fold at ZUFFA ... and seemed to be doing well there, he'd just won a close decision over Griffin in a crowd pleasing fight ... and then he calls up and pulls out of his fight with Shamrock and pretty much severs ties with The UFC yet again.

Seriously, what the hell goes through his mind when he pulls these types of things? It really makes no sense ... he could have milked out a ton of cash if he'd have hung in there for a few more fights, etc...

This, when I was just starting to like the guy off of TUF 3 .. geezzz Tito!

Oh well, you can only punch a gift horse in the mouth so many times ...

He has a torn ACL, MCL, and a buldging Disk. Tell me if you'd be willing to fight with something like that. Yea, thought not.

Do they care whether or not you're on anti-psychotics in the UFC?

"A little OCD possibly"

I don't think it's OCD. Question: does backing out of a fight require "severing ties" with the UFC?

got exactly what he wanted

coach on TUF, which equals lots of exposure

to beat Forrest, which equals lots of exposure

his clothing line out there for all to see

then to get another slap at Dana by leaving

The man has one leg, give him a break.

Lol @ "duel" personalities. I challenge you to a duel!

Have the injuries been verified yet? Not being a dick, just asking.

From what I know they haven't been verified so far... But, I'm willing to listen if they have been.

"Nothing wrong with pulling out of a fight when you are injured as he is."

This is why I asked about TO severing ties. Was the stand-off against Dana some sort of dramatic ploy?

Funny how he always manages to get hurt, yet he only fights once every few years. Years. He fights less than any other pro and he still has to cancel from injuries.

seriously lay off a bit the man has injuries that are potentially career ending..

"Did I totally spell that wrong? Lol at unintentional double entandres! (spell check that amigo)."

Who said anything about spell cheques?

I'm still getting hung up on the severed ties thing. Did he actually tell the UFC to shove it, or what?

"He's a latino. This totally is not meant as a racist statement: but latino's have duel personalities from my experience with them, and I'm part latino."

"I was actually gonna say that they're two-faced, but I chose the PC route ;)"

It's a racist statement, it can't be "meant" any other way... and good luck trying to make a racist statement more PC.

It's the definition of racism... prejudging a person based on race. The "I"m part latino" is the best part. It's like the white bigot who justifies his racism with the statement "I have lots of black friends".

Seriously, the guy is schizo because he can't fight as a result of injury... and this schizo is caused by being latino. What nonsense

"Well I assumed we were arguing on an intellectual level. I am a fan of MMA, but I am not trained in it. If you fucked with me, I would do what I had to do."

It was a play on words, relax.

Tito pulls out and all hell breaks lose, the guys hurt. Let him rehab then he'll beat the shit out of bumrock.

Badly injured knee does not equal telling the UFC to shove it.

gosh i can't wait for tito to get knocked out again so all the nuthuggers can go away. he looked sluggish and gassed against forrest after the first takedown and didn't do much after. he can't find anyone to train with him and his stock is falling. could of really made a statement by crushing forrest but didn't and was a couple of punches and a takedown from losing

did you miss the part where he hurt his knee in the fight so of course he did not olook the same in rounds 2 and 3?

"Badly injured knee does not equal telling the UFC to shove it."

Someone else said he "severed ties." I assumed it was over some supposed trash talk about the TO/FG decision. Idunno, that's why I asked.