Islam adding leg rubbing to his knee touching game


I find all the pics of these men holding one another very interesting.


Valentina getting a bunch of chicks together to do their poses would be an epic troll.

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For a culture that throws gays off buildings they have some really gay tendencies.

If another man, friend or not, put his hand on my leg like that I would assume I was about to get to first base.


Like I’ve said, the more outwardly homophobic and hateful a group of people is towards gays the more egregious homosexual behavior among “straight” guys you’ll find. They’re so anti gay because they’re always thinking about acting gay. It’s 100% reactionary.

To play devils advocate they consider themselves among brothers. Don’t you guys hug your brothers? Being homophobic is also not manly.

Sure. I don’t put my hand on his knee in a caressing manner or hold hands with him, though.


It’s just for a photo to show your brotherhood. You make it sound awkward as if he’s massaging the knee.

celebrate group hug GIF by AS Roma

Is this making you vomit?

If so then you got issues.

My issue with these Dagestanis is the sausage fest photo shoots with 20 guys while having tea and biskits. It’s just weird and not my cup of tea.

What part of muslims hating gay people dont you understand?

We arent talking about us, we are talking about them.


Groping your brothers isn’t manly either.

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What does that have to do with the photo? They dislike gays I get it. But nothing gay about the photo as they are married.

It’s just the Muslim culture being backwards and not showing any affection for women in their photos. This I agree is fucked. And they deserve the backlash. I’m just playing devils advocate that nothing gay about the photo. Just their Muslim culture is backwards.

I didn’t make it sound like anything. My opinion was clear and unless you don’t understand the words, interpretation is unnecessary.

Don’t ask questions if you don’t want answers. :wink:

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I think we are saying the same thing in different words and it’s getting lost in translation

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I agree with all here it is funny and borderline gay without the context.

They should be more like American athletes.

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