Islam to fight Dariush next according to Ali

This will be a good one.

I don’t care about any of these faggots.


I think we all know how this fight is going to turn out.

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Yeah. But I’m hoping Dariush wins it somehow.


Great Fight

Not all apparently

Garbage fight. Beneil beat an over the hill Tony and gets a title shot? His win streak is against nobodies for the most part

Beniel is always down to scrap.

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He has been in the UFC for 7 years. Give him a fuken break. Also its not a title shot you retard


Give him a break? Are you a bigger retard than I am? What a stupid thing to say you damn moron.

Islam hasn’t exactly been fighting a bunch of world-beaters himself. Tony Ferguson is the biggest name between the both of them.

At this point, if we can’t get Ferguson/McGregor, I want to see Ferguson/Hooker with the loser retiring!

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Hooker is going to 145.

Islam fucking wrecks Dariush

Saying he’s getting a title shot with the Islam fight is pretty fucking retarded too, to be fair…

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It’s not a coincidence that Ali reps these fighters.

Who’s running the UFC, Dana or Ali, lol.

Ali is just the fall guy for the money laundering if it goes bad.

Islam vs dariush at least eliminates beneil from the championship conversation.

Unfortunately it doesn’t provide the type of test I’d like to see Islam pass.

As has been noted beneil’s win streak isn’t all that impressive when you look at who he’s beaten.