"It wasn't a choke, it was on the jaw."

My thoughts.

Our gym would’ve called him out friendly-like. Clapping and laughing and yelling “bulllllshit man you tapped.” A tap is a tap.

Also, smother chokes should be legal. Peace.

In my case, I had a lot of neck. So much that I wasn’t sure I was bothering his jaw while I was applying the choke, but I believed him when he said so. The thing is, to the extent there was any jaw inside my arms, he put it there on purpose. I think the submission is legit, but to each, their own.

What is the general consensus on smother chokes at most gyms? There is a guy who is at my club who has 50 pounds on me and two belt levels and he smothers me. I dislike it, lol, but I think it’s completely legit.

I’m interested in knowing from the standpoint of trying to hone my technique esp if it’s the N/S choke…also for that choke, it’s good to know if it was a smother. So I generally ask in the gi for that choke.
I don’t want to hurt anyone in training (or in comp really). So the feedback is valuable to me. I could get the tap no matter what, but that’s not what I’m aiming for in training.

Whatever their motivation is for saying it, is up to them.

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I use the “mother’s milk” on people but to further emasculate them I call it “papi’s love”. My training partners hate me.


Elliot goes by “corn pop” these days.

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I’m working RNCs right now. Got 2 face crushed of white belts tonight. Felt zero remorse


The Big Bang Theory Yes GIF by CBS

If anyone complains you can tell them that you’re actually working on your face crushes right now.


“Bro that was on the face!”

“Oh good! I’m working my face crushes. Did it feel like it was crushing your cheeks or tearing your jaw off?”


“If you didn’t tap, which part of your face would have broken first, before the total implosion?”

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I carry a shank when rolling, if they tuck their chin I stick em in the ribs

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And see, this is perfectly legitimate because you’re not cranking necks or smashing faces. Although it might fall under pressure points, which are a BJJ faux pas.


“If you dont want me to choke your face dont put your face in my choke.”

-Relson Gracie


Lots of dumb in this thread.

First of all any submission by pain is bunk. Yeah I don’t feel like having your elbow rubbed into my eye socket training on a random Tuesday but it’s not like that would end an actual fight. All it would do is piss someone off and maybe make one eye blurry for a few seconds.

Now if you actually think you’re going to rear naked so hard someone’s jaw breaks I would say first if all the vast majority of you are deluding yourselves. Jaws aren’t that weak and you aren’t that strong. Could it happen… yeah but it’s hardly the sort of certainty we look for in JJ techniques. Most likely you just bruise the crap out of someone.

Okay so let’s say you’re a monster who really can break a jaw by choking it… If you break a jaw in a serious fight they’re hurt but they keep fighting, probably fighting even harder than they did prior. I mean unless your idea of a serious fight is where someone says “enough enough” and your teachers rush in to stop things.

All that said you can most definitely still blood choke someone and put them to sleep with their jaw tucked into a choke. IMO that’s totally valid and if they complain about jaw pressure when they’re going to sleep that’s bullshit.

So squeeze away if your idea is “a tap is a tap” but that completely misses the point of what we’re doing when we train. Pain doesn’t win real fights.

Pain doesn’t win real fights lol ooookkk bro . Who are these people who keep fighting with broken jaws . Elite level fighters basically only . Would you tap to a bicep or calf slicer ? Those pain moves until everything explodes . Pain ends fights and breaks will plain and simple

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This is what it was. I had so much neck that I wasn’t aware I was bothering his jaw until he mentioned it after. The choke was good. Was there jaw as well? I tend to believe him. I don’t think it’s a valid complaint though.

  • Edited to say that his chin wasn’t tucked into the choke. I was under his chin but was probably on both his jaw and his neck back at the corner of his jaw, sort of under his ear, if that makes sense. Under the chin in the front though.

You’re missing the point

  1. You can sleep someone with an RNC with their jaw in. We’ve seen Craig, Gordon, ect tap world champions over the jaw. You think guys are tapping in ebi because of an little jaw ouchie?

  2. you can absolutely break jaws with RNC. If you’re a man over 190 with black belt strength and squeeze it’s very possible.

I’ve had Nicky Rod RNC me, when I was able to get my shoulders and hips to the mat and get perpendicular. Like it was a side lock, closer to an Olyniek Ezekiel. I tapped because I’m 98% certain he could have literally fractured my orbital with slow, steady pressure.

Putting your chin in is a whack defense. Everyone who believes it should keep teaching it though so the proponderance of evidence of guys tapping to it in comp becomes overwhelming


Got it. You’ve never had someone do these techniques to you. That’s all you had to say.