It's Fight Time!

Last post till fight time, heading out tommorow at 4 pm should arrive in des moines 13 hours later. I look forward to the war. I will come to get some. God bless the kid. dont feed steak to a baby. 31 pro fights vs zero. expernce says alot. You will see how a much less in shape fighter with great skill pounds a novice in shape fighter. School begins friday night. later see you on the other side. I am comming people, friday night u will all be kissing my ass!!!! later goofs

more like legend!!!!

After you lose Im whipping ur ass in the parkinglot

lol - I hope you at least show up this time,that would be a good start.

DMI, not a very professional thing to say since your working for the promotion. Maybe we will see each other thought!

TTT for post # 1000, guess I a ug goof too now. thats sad

man your a fucking loser...

All bullshit aside. I wish Neer the best and hope we both come out safe and unhurt. god bless & see you guys in des moines Iowa

I just hope you come and dont make a joke of yourself or the show... I was against this cause ur a loser... but whatever

good luck NAA

I give NAA a good shot in this fight, since its a boxing match. I thought NAA was looking for MMA fights though. I don't know Neer too well but I think he'd murder NAA in an MMA fight. We'll see what happens in the boxing match but good luck to both fighters.

ttt Ron see you there.


coming is spelled with one M not two

just show up fucko.

The suspense is killing me. Is he gonna show or isn't he?

He is going to show up -
I mean at this point how could he not show up.

Not showing up for Spencer Fisher in an MMA match - I can understand that. I would be a little on the frightened side to :)

Especially if I wasnt getting paid at least 5 grand.

With that said - I think Neer hits harder than Spencer... Obviously its close but Neer hits people really hard and he takes a punch as well as anyone. I don't understand why Neer would agree to box...


I agree, I would not have stacked the cards so much in NAA favor. I think that NAA has his best chance by just boxing with Josh. That being said, Josh loves challenge, and is very skilled, so I won’t count him out.

The claim by NAA was that he could KO any of these guys in mma, huge props to him for negotiating a top mma guy into just boxing, but he still needs to KO someone using mma rules to prove his point to me.

It's still is a huge gamble for NAA if Josh kicks his but with just boxing him.


I thought NAA's prefight routine included a bottle or two of liquid courage? Let's hope he waits until after he gets there to start in.

My problem is that Neer really isnt fighting for anything

if he wins - then what

if he loses - then he lost to a nobody

whats the money like for him?