It's time! Make your picks between Charles and Islam, Gamrot and Dariush UFC LW title picture for UFC 280

Merrispew is going to dick tuck and bitch out of here when Islam loses. But if Islam somehow pulls off a win, he will never STFU about it.

If he could pull it off which I doubt, Islam would not even have has many defenses as Oliveira or Khabib.

Gamrot and Dariush are better and will face him next. Gamrot and Dariush are bigger challenges for Oliveira than Islam actually.

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Merriweather an obvious troll.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t even like Makhachev and is an actual Charles fan.

Trolls like him often post obsessively about a fighter in order to make people end up disliking them. It’s an exploit of human nature.


Im always here for you dog, dont call me a burner, i wont bitch out of my support of charlie olives, the last action hero, who made the lightweight division great again.

He is the lord and savior of all hardcore fans, the man redeemed us of years of inactivity due to conrads and kebabs boring title reign.


At least you admit what you are.

Are you going to make a pick though or just keep trolling the thread with deflection material?

Charles is getting smashed in this one.

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A “hardcore fan” who finally found this place about 2 weeks ago? Seems legit.

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Charles and Gamrot will dominate…


Hahahahah, you have to stay high 24/7 to believe half the shit you say

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You don’t know anything about grappling if you think Oliveira and Werdum are the same level of BJJ.

Comparing Oliveira to Nog is a compliment to Oliveira.

Sweaty Muslim balls swing much, faggit


Lol these low iq burners.

Why did Charles real fans go so quiet? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Do you even role yourself Jack, I do. What the fuck are you talking about knowing grappling. Islam is getting submitted, he hasn’t even been tested. He didn’t want the fire from Daruish or he would of been the one to end the hype. Daruish is the future Lightweight champion and Charles ends this nonsense October 22


Where do you get your MMA news from? ConorWinsTheRematch?

O’Malley in the upset special.

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You some type of stupid!

Ive watched every ufc event ,prelims inclusive, since 2016. Was a casual fan before that for some years. Until i knew all the 500 fighters on the rooster.

Please dont suggest this casual boomer forum here is a hardcore forum.
At least half of the user here are not even able to realize the evolution of mma and thinking the fighters from 10 years ago are somehow better than the current ones. Which is absolutely embarrassing.

I would consider a muslim nuthugger like jack merridew more of a hardcore fan than 80% of this lame ass forum. At least this guy is aware of the evolution of the sport and dont live in the fucking past.

This has some truth. These morons all bet with their hearts and not their heads. Picking against Islam is doing just so.

Gamrot’s wresting is on point. His cardio is on point. I think he beats Beniel…

Brady and O’Malley will win.

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