IVC Sergio Baterelli AMA

Gentleman (I use that term loosely)

I have Sergio lined up for a Thursday night recording

I am going to hyper focus on his time with WVC 1-4 as well as the IVC 1-5

But all questions welcome, anything that I grab from here will be credited to the poster

SB fought for world titles in kick boxing

  • Never fought Paulo Zorello (37-1)
  • knocked out Duke Roufus

Originally partnered with Frederico Lapenda WVC 1-4

  • how did they meet
  • Benefits of the original partnership

Aug 14 1996
WVC - Japan
Red Heard won 8 man
Oleg Taktarov vs Joe Charles
Marco Ruas vs Steve Jennum

Nov 10 1996
Pedro Rizzo won 8 man
Marco Ruas vs Oleg Taktarov Draw

  • 12 days later OT fought Renzo Gracie and claimed to have been drugged

Jan 19 1997
Rizzo beat Heard
Fabio Gurgel vs Pat Smith

  • PS grabbed rope to avoid take down - refused orders to let go by SB and threw elbows
  • A FG fan then jumped the barricade to remove arm
  • FG gets W
    Mark Kerr vs Sidney Goncalves Freitas
  • SG flees ring multiple times in order to get a stand up
    Fabio Gurgel vs Mark Kerr
  • FG made MK look human and that fight is completely forgotten by the people saying that MK was the greatest

Mar 16 1997
Pele vs Johil De Oliveira

  • 98 headbuts

Split with Frderico Lapenda

  • when did he know that it was time to move on?
  • Even after split SB referee for Frederico Lapenda

Birth of the IVC

  • IVC was in national tv and not PPV
  • started in 1997
  • The doctors would check a fighters cut while in fight position
  • Elbows from back mount changed the way fighters would give up their backs
    Was the TV deal the reason for the split?

UFC in 1997 started moving towards having a time limit and a unified rule set - IVC maintained the NHB mindset

Jul 6 1997
8 man finals
Gary Goodridge vs Pedro Octavio

  • nut grab

Sep 15 1997
Sean Bormet vs Wanderlei Silva

  • SB was cornered the night before at a bar by Chute Box team and they were demanding winner take all
  • SB was KO’ed did he get paid or did WS take his money?
    Artur Mariano Luta Livre won tournament
    Beat Paul Assalone Mark Hall (cobra) and Wanderlei Silva Dr stop

Sep 27 1997
Pentagon Combat - Riot
Renzo Gracie vs Eugenio Tadau

  • was there blow back for the IVC over this happening at a rival promotion?

Dec 10 1997
Walid Ishmael vs Johil de Oliveira

  • was it difficult to get Carlson guys, rumor of $80k payoff and Battlecade

Luta Livre BJJ Rivalry

Pacatau was he as interested in NHB as he was in BJJ

  • tape trading

Was the local promoter for K1 Brazil

April 26 1998

Jan 30 2000
Pride GP 2000
Bob Schrijber - Wanderlay Silva L 1rnd RNC
Silva 23yrs
Bob 35yrs

  • last minute fight
  • cornering Hans Nijmen???- murdered behind Dutch Top Team gym - name brought up in a lot of criminal cases
    Wanderlay cornered by manager Sergio Bottereli and trainer Jujimar Frederico

Jun 15 1998
Brazil Open

Jan 20 1999
Francisco Bueno - Jason Godsey W KO 1:39
JG 8-7
Referee Sergio Bottereli had to physically RNC FB to stop fighting

IVC 14 tournament in Venezuela didn’t allow headbutts

  • Alex Stiebling won and became the “Brazilian Killa”

What took place with Edson Carvalho and Marco Ruas and Walid Ishmael

Braga vs Randleman
Braga corner pulling him out of ring in order to get a restart

  • Coleman tried to fight section of audience 2x

Johil De Oliveira vs Pele

  • Sergio was referee

Oct 16 1998
UFC Brazil

  • Sergio Boterelli helped with BRZ television

Gary Goodridge vs Pedro Octavio

  • but grab
    You can see SB on the outside yelling “keep going there are no rules”
    GG afterward said that the lockeroom was so angry that he and Coleman had to get the money quick and leave
  • they did not party afterward

Fought Duke Roufus in kickboxing

Nov 30 1984
Jiu Jitsu vs Martial Arts

  • Cardoso Gynasium
    Renan Pitanguy v E Tadeu
    RG (Carlson)wore Gi ET used it against him and won fight
    Ignacio Aragon v Bruce Lucio
    Pinduka Guimaraes v Marco Ruas
    Marcelo Behrning v Flavio Molina
    Zulu vs SB

What was Helio like
To deal with

WVC 5 was last event with Lapenda

Vitor Belfort lost to Saka and claimed that he was drugged

  • SB publicly went after VB

Pele vs Jorge Pereira

  • 1st recorded head stomp
  • SB was referee
    This is what started the reputation of Curitiba and Chute Box - people afraid to fight there

Ebenezer Braga was Sak next opponent

  • EB was legit

Sep 13 2003
Jungle fight 1
Inoki & Walid Ishmael form a partnership

  • Mark Schultz screw job

International Absolute Fighting Council - Israel

  • Frederico Lapenda event
  • SB referee

Rafial Cordeiro

  • Chute box coach
  • promoter and coach
    Brazilian Vale Tudo Foghting
  • 1996 - 1999
  • 16 total events

Probably not relevant to this interview but since I see the Oleg vs Renzo fight mentioned, I will bring it up, as maybe it will provide a nugget down the road in another interview.

Maybe it was not so uncommon back then but I always found it kind of funny that Oleg basically showed up for this fight by himself.

It would be interesting to know if he had a person with him that traveled with him, but without a doubt the crew that walked to the cage with him and cornered him had zero fight experience. But more importantly zero experience cornering a fighter.

I always thought that was interesting and pretty gutsy by Oleg, show the eff up to fight Renzo Gracie without a corner.

If you are curious about this look after the fight you will probably see no one, not a cornerman or teammate attending to him. It was officials or med folks.

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Did Batarelli promote Brazilian Vale Tudo Fighting 6, which is the most action packed card in history. Pele vs Macaco 1 , a young Vanderlei, Jorge Periera , Johil, Wander Braga, every fight was good.

Is he the referee that might?

What I found strange
1 Lapenda was known to be slick with money, I have an interview coming up that will for sure tell you how he operated.

2 Batarelli continued to ref his fights after the split

It gives the impression that it was a healthy break up… that is exactly the opposite of what I was told

Kerr destroyed Gurgel

He never got the finish

Line n a side note, I need to know if I am being a bitch about that statment

If you look at the talent that Kerr fought prior to the GO, it is unimpressive.

He had like 3 fights that ended strange

  • Branco was one that dropped his stock IMO

Ask him about his fight with Mean Mike Labree!!!

Labree is damn near forgotten. Another Rockford Illinois tough man.

His toughness is incredible.

He went to Sao Paulo and fought Sergio and the fight had to be stopped due to Labree right eye being damaged from an inadvertent headbutt from Batarelli . . An eye that Mike Said he had 19 stiches in before the fight!!

They gave Sergio a TKO win lol.

Labree shrugged it off and said “well I’m in there country. I gotta take what they give.”

To hear what Sergio knew of Labree prior to their fight and what he thought of the toughness of Labree would be awesome.

Also to know if they ever had a rematch!! Mike called for one he said he would come back to Brazil and bring his KICK and IKF world titles and put them on the line!

Another story of Labree profound toughness was his fight with “The Russian Bear Vladimir Kildikov” who had a record of 116 - 6

The Bear battered Labree, swelled damn near both his eyes shut, broke his sternum and Labree also broke his hand. Knocked down and almost out in the 5th Labree came back and a few rounds later turned the tide and knocked out The Russian Bear.

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Ask why he stopped managing Marco

Marco told me he caught him stealing basically

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I read that Lapenda managed Marco…

Something strange definitely happened with the break up of Lapenda and Batarelli

My mistake

Damn Brazilians all look the same lol


I will ask…

It was Lapenda, youre right

Lapenda also demanded $80k for the right to use Carlson guys from the Battlecade group

It is believed that Carlson saw none of it

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he didnt get finish because Gurgel held on in guard .Kerr dominated every second of that fight.,im not saying your bitch but ill agree to disagree.That also was Kerrs 3rd fight of the day in his first mma show,After beating Varleans in 2 minutes .Gurgel had a lot of prior experience this was Kerss first show

Fabio is also one of those unsung hero’s of the grind

Tons of heart, little pay and too stubborn to tap

They don’t make guys like him anymore

brAnko purposely got himself dQed after getting destroyed same with hugo duarte

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Kerr’s entrance onto Pride was met with a revolt from the locker room

It was like the shock master wrestling promo

its every man for himself.Kerr had 0 fights prior to the day before he fought Gurgel who literally held on the entire fight and did absolutley nothing but wait for bell to save him .Why u edit post about Branko ? The guy grabbed ropes on purpose just like Duarte

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There was a misspelling in my post

That is why I needed to edit

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the mentioning of branco is gone