Jake Paul Destroys Nate Diaz - What Really Happened!?!?!

Let’s talk about our true feelings here. Jake Paul versus Nate Diaz in their boxing match.

What really happened!??!

How did you score the fight? I saw score cards reading 98-91. Did you expect more from Nate Diaz? Did you ever imagine him losing to Jake Paul?

True thoughts on this fight from the MMA underground gangsta’s. Let me know.

My thoughts are this, Nate Diaz really messed up his stock. He’s not going to be the same guy in the morning. Also nobody wants to see Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz in MMA. Jake really destroyed Nate Diaz. Not so much physically as he smashed his worth or his stock. Nate Diaz left UFC to market himself. It failed. The best thing for Nate to do now is to win his next fight but nobody will be watching. Just like Tyron Woodley or Ben Askren. Nobody cares anymore.

How do you all feel?


“destroyed” lol


Yes his career will never be the same, he lost a lot of respect.

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I’d like to see this in mma


I don’t think Diaz really gives a shit. He got paid a lot of money and even though he got outboxed and lost on the cards, he would absolutely destroy Paul in any other combative sport. He knows it. Paul knows it. For Diaz he was just out there messing around. Paul treated this like he was fighting for a world title. If Diaz had wanted to take this seriously he would have finished the fight in the first 5 rounds. He can box and punches a lot harder than it looks. I think he may have underestimated Paul and that was why he didn’t really get in gear until late. But if Diaz took this seriously he would have finished it early. For him he gets paid a lot to get in the ring and play paddy cake with a YouTuber. From his perspective he gets to train a little and go mess around in the ring for 10 rounds.


Boxing match was much closer than the scores suggest… it was an ok performance from both guys


did people really pay to watch this?

how about the under card?


It wasn’t very entertaining to me. The only interesting part was whether Nate would get KO’d or not. When Nate could find a tiny bit of momentum at the end he wasted it show boating of course. Wouldn’t have made a difference, zero KO power.

I’ll probably watch the MMA freak fight. Diaz would fuck up the whole sports rep if he goofs around and get KO’d.


You would? Why, Jake Paul has never had an MMA fight what gives him the right to fight Diaz? That he beat him in boxing?

Jeremy Stevens was on it.

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the compubox numbers were close.

Nate did better than I expected tbh. Hes so slow and hittable and has no power to discourage. I thought he’d get used as a punching bag and stopped fairly quickly even with his durability.


because PRIDE never die… I love the freak shows


I saw that. always like to check his fights but $65 where I am seemed steep for semi pro

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I disagree with your take. There is no way Diaz would ever beat Paul in boxing. Diaz is an MMA guy who doesn’t have the boxing skills of a trained boxer. He lacked the footwork and ability to transfer power into his punches for the sport.

Nate did well for himself and I thought he had a decent strategy. He was really tiring Paul down in the clinches and scoring punches (although with very little damage) and it did tire him down, which allowed Diaz to steal a few rounds. Diaz may have had a chance with 5 minute rounds. However , Paul was able to recover his stamina, due to the shorter, more frequent rounds in boxing.


I’m curious to hear Dana’s take on this. I’m not so sure Nate is welcome back at this point

9 - 1 to Jake Paul

Diaz got outworked and outclassed. He looked horrific out there.


Nate had no business being in there…

that is the sad truth…

but he was there to make some money and help his promotion and by that standard he came out a winner…

i am not so sure Jake loses to Nate in the cage…

size matters and Nate really only has the edge in but scooting… no reason for Jake to ever let it get to that point…


Nate has good boxing skills but speed is the holy grail in boxing and he’s very slow [hands and feet]. Paul is a very average boxer and he outclassed Nate. Paying for a PPV between two boxers who would be outclassed by any top amateur is idiotic. Buying this instead of Crawford/Spencer is insane. I get celebrity matchups but this as a bad choice. I’d rather watch Musk/Zuk than this fight.