Jake Paul is a modern day gladiator

Say what you want about Jake but there’s no denying the fact that he’s a fearless warrior. The guy was already winning at life as a self made millionaire and chose to risk his health by stepping into the boxing ring going against world class athletes from the NBA and Olympic wrestling.

Now he is fearlessly stepping up against a deadly striker in Tyron Woodley who dropped Darren Till (61-0 Muay Thai/kickboxer) and Stephen Thompson (57-0 kickboxer) with his deadly right hand.

If Jake Paul defeats Woodley then we will have no choice but to accept the fact that he is one of the greatest warriors in human history.


“He’s not a real fighter! You’re trolling!”


JPTT all the way.

T Wood is going to get demolished. 0-5.


Ben Askren has eaten countless punches and kicks from world class fighters including Robbie lawler landing repeated clean shots with 4oz gloves after a pile driver

But all it took from Jake Paul was 1 shot



People just can’t accept this fact: Jake Paul is the new king of combat sports

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He has a better knockout rate than Mike Tyson


Not only is Jake Paul undefeated but he’s also knocked out everyone he’s ever faced


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Jake Paul is gonna beat the racist out of Twood


Jake Paul’s a faggot

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Not sure how you call him the king when hes only fought has beens and mma fivhters. Ill ve impressed when he wins an mma fight or beats an actuap boxer

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Lost his voice from cheering on his brother. Love that shit.
I root for these dudes vs anyone, because it’s hilarious. And also due to the fact that a lot of people are retarded (as always) and don’t understand what these guys are doing. They really don’t get it. Like in that vid obviously he’s happy his bro did well and went the distance, but the rest is all trolling on the biggest stage. How you can’t understand or appreciate that is beyond me.

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Jake is a beast

I would wake up, roll out of bed, hungover as an out of shape, 39 year old alcoholic and beat jake Paul.

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You would squeal like a pig boy as Jake Paul was beating the shit out of you. When it was over you would be eating out of a straw the rest of your life.


I don’t know you but unless you are a hall of fame UFC fighter Jake Paul would destroy you in under 30 seconds in your prime

That’s not an insult to you. It’s just a testament to Jake Paul’s greatness as a legendary warrior

The Paul bros are big muscular dumb dums who will gas out the minute they go past a couple of rounds , just look at the mayweather fight

A tall young muscular in his prime man with a 50 pound weight advantage couldn’t do anything to a mid 40s out of shape 140lb grandpa who had been doing nothing but laying on his couch for the past few years

Not only that, grandpa knocked him out mid round and held him up to keep the crowd and ppv audience happy lol

And you’re calling him the greatest warrior alive? Lmao

The fact that you have to live in an alternate universe to downplay their greatness just shows they truly are modern day gladiators