Jake Paul’s next victim after Woodley

BJ Penn (easy win for Jake)
Khabib (easy)
Daniel Cormier (medium difficulty but DC scared)
Floyd Mayweather (tough fight but Floyd’s scared)
Conor McGregor (tough fight)
Dillon Danis (easy)
Usman (tough fight but Usman already backed down)
Chuck Liddell (easy)

I think the most likely fight here is either BJ or Chuck.

Any other ideas for the biggest draw in combat sports next opponent?

Masvidal is next up to get starched. Another easy night for Jake.


Oh yeah that one slipped my mind.

Jorge must want to relive the experience of what happened in his last fight if he’s calling out Jake

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He’s scared to fight me

Come on man , you put people on there that are old and retired or a shell of their former self . The only fighter that would give Jake the work is Usman and we both know Dana would never allow his champ to make money for someone else . Why don’t you make a list of actual boxers or people who aren’t pushing three steps away from the retirement homes .

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Someone his own size would be a good start. Jake Paul is a middleweight.

What’s Mighty Mouse up to? SMH


I made a list of realistic next match ups for Jake. Obviously he’s not fighting Canelo or Tyson Fury this year. I see those fights happening 2 or 3+ years down the road

Wow I am no analyst but I woulda thought Maz to be a challenge

How does any of those match ups make sense to you? Not a single guy on there has boxing experience . I mean bj Penn ? For real lol

Jakes only had 3 pro fights and he’s the biggest draw in boxing. He’s obviously not going to fight some random cruiserweight boxer with no name value.

Easiest fights for the most money. Top cruiser weights and light heavyweights will be excuted by Jake a few years down the road after he’s had around 15 pro fights under his belt.

Jakes 3-0. Do you want him to fight Usyk?

Or are you delusional enough to think one of the biggest draws in combat sports history should face an unknown nobody with 3 fights.

UFC champions and legends make the most sense right now

No , actual boxers his size makes the most sense right now .

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You clearly have a double digit IQ and no understand of how prizefighting works.

I want to see the Diaz bros vs. Paul bros, 12 rounds.

Adesanya vs. Jake would be good too.

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You may not understand how getting sanctioned by athletic commissions works.

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My god man , I mean I knew you been on this Jake Paul dick riding spree lately . But now it seems like you are stuck on that shit with gorilla glue and can’t find your way off of it .

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You clearly have a double digit sized asshole from having Jakes dick stuck in it. I know very well how prize fighting works lol

Jake won’t ever fight a boxer at boxing, are you mad? Woodley is the closest it will get.

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I’m aware of that . And that’s the problem

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Throw Bisbling in there. That could be close