Jake Paul Set To Face Hasim Rahman Jr


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Jake Paul is set to face Hasim Rahman Jr. and not heated rival Tommy Fury for his boxing return in August.

As first reported by Sports Illustrated, Paul is in negotiations to face Rahman on August 6th. This comes after Fury was denied entry into the United States last week ahead of a previously planned pre-fight press conference in New York.

The 31-year-old Rahman is the son of Hasim Rahman Sr., a former heavyweight boxing world champion. He has accumulated a 12-1 professional boxing record but is coming off a knockout loss to Kenzie Morrison in April.

Paul had initially teased a Wednesday morning deadline for Fury to get his travel issues figured out in time for the fight. It now appears that Fury will not meet the deadline and Paul is moving on from the matchup.

Jake Paul Is Reportedly Moving On From Tommy Fury Fight

FanSided and ESPN

Paul and Fury were originally scheduled to face off back in December before Fury pulled out with an injury just weeks before the fight. Former UFC champion Tyron Woodley would fill in and Paul knocked him out in their rematch.

Paul is undefeated in his young boxing career with wins over Woodley, former NBA star Nate Robinson, former Bellator champion Ben Askren, and fellow YouTube star AnEsonGib.

If finalized, the Paul vs. Rahman fight will take place at Madison Square Garden and be co-headlined by a matchup between Amanda Serrano and Brenda Carabajal.

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The Dukes son absolutely wrecked him


Lol. Jake seems like an ok person but lol at the lack of ppv buys this will get and the hype will be shit.

So fuck you jake


not fan of jake but Fury is scared


If any of you have actually watched Tommy Fury box, he fucking sucks.


The only Jake Paul fight I really want to see is John Fury vs Jake Paul.


Let the winner get the Dana White fight.


Hands down no head or foot movement. Jake knows how to pick highlight ko contenders for sure!


Paul has been around 190 for every fight he’s had. Rahman has been around 230 for most of his fights.

At least Paul is finally fighting someone that’s not much smaller. I wonder if he’s making Rahman drain himself though.

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They were training partners. I can already here calls about it being fixed.


There’s always going to be question marks and asterisks surrounding Jake’s " fights".
I’m certain that it’s illegal to sell a fight with a predetermined outcome as a legitimate contest.
He’s heading to jail doing what he’s doing.
Mind you, if he’s a Democrat he’ll probably get a Govt grant to do more of it lol

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He must be the ugliest person in combat sports. He and his brother but Jake has that stupid fucking hair cut that makes me not watch his boxing matches, even on YouTube

I respect your opinion but I can’t see a professional fighter being scared to fight most people. I get being scared or nervous when you get to the show but as far as being scared of Jake Paul? I highly doubt that.


You obviously haven’t seen Tommy fight.


I actually haven’t. It was just what I consider to be a general consensus, but what the hell do I know? Lol


I couldn’t believe how how bad he looked. He’s already pulled out once. I’m like you though, what the hell do I know haha