Jake Paul versus Tyron Woodley the first booking in Paul/Showtime Boxing pact

In Jake Paul’s first bout as a member of the Showtime Boxing roster, he will once again take on former mixed martial arts welterweight champion. But this time the competition will be a bit stiffer.

That’s because the 3-0 boxer will take on the challenge of former Ultimate Fighting Championship 170 pound titleholder Tyron Woodley. The news was first reported by The Athletic’s boxing reporter Mike Coppinger via Twitter. Coppinger’s tweet announced the deal as well as a planned face-off between the two combatants in Miami on Friday.

Woodley is gonna get knocked the fuck out


We really in crazy crazy times. I’m now rooting for Woodley! I never saw that one coming!


Woodley from the Lawler fight smokes him in a round. Now? Who fucking knows.


Damn want a choice

One hand I would love to see Woodly KO’ed by why is he the one sent to represent mma. Ugh

Sad thing is that this will probably pay Woodley more than any of his ufc fights. Except for maybe when he was on the Conor card.

Also, Jake picking a big name who can’t seem to pull the trigger anymore is why he is favored -155 last I heard

No, he’s favored because people are retards who buy into hype. What would happen if Woodley boxed Nate Robinson and Ben Askren? Flatten them both round one. The same thing Paul got all this hype for doing.

I don’t like Woodley but he is going to send Paul’s head into orbit

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Don’t think so man Woodley is washed and isn’t a boxer. Woodley is about to be embarrassed unfortunately…

He is a real fighter and hits hard. What he lacks in boxing he makes up for in having fought real competition

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Woodley is going to come in trained and gassed to the gills and destroy Paul.

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85 South Praying GIF by BET Hip Hop Awards

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Say what you want about woodley, he is proud, motivated and gives a shit about his legacy. I think he takes it seriously.

Askren didn’t even try. In training, getting into shape or the fight itself. And I mean that in the relative sense. I don’t think he took a dive, I just think he did himself zero favors in preparation.


Tyron better have a good crew around him in the face offs, so he doesn’t get punked

he should definitely not wear a hat or carry any lunch money

Tyron is one of the most dislikeable people ever. The guy is a joke/


I just listened to, for the first time, about 30 seconds of the Paul/Askren fight.

The commentary is absolutely insufferable and makes me think I would hate anyone who enjoys it.

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That Woodley doesn’t exist anymore. Instead he’s fighting a Woodley who’s lost 4 fights in a row and who has looked like a shadow of his former self.

MMA fighters, please STOP being trolled into contests you can’t win.


I think you’ll be surprised at how out of place Woodley looks trying to box. He has an overhand right that is only a threat when he can wrestle. It’s not going to end well for t wood



Another big win and build up for the eventual Conor or Mayweather fight.