Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva? Former UFC champion makes the case for that fight next

Is that the fight Paul should take next? Why or why not?


Something unbecoming about 1 of the best combat athletes ever making his case to a YouTuber for a fight.
Especially when it’s hopeless as Paul faces smaller wrestlers not bigger kickboxers.


I would like to see Paul fight someone that isn’t well past their prime. That’s all he does.

But if that coward still wants to continue the trend, then he should go this route.


If I was Paul I’d avoid silva til he’s over 50. He’s old but if he still has anything like he showed Vs Chavez then Paul is screwed. If I was Paul I’d box Diego Sanchez. Then I’d rematch him. Like I’d call out askren again.
Then I’d go after Ryan hall. Rematch Hall.

Then I’d retire while making a proclamation that henceforth I demand to be hailed as the infinite king of all combat sports, the grandmaster of the Milky Way, the ayatollah rock-n-rolla, Gods other son, Beef Supreme & the heir to all the is good in the cosmos.

I mean I don’t like the guy either. But I’m not gonna lie and say that I’d do anything other than what he’s doing.


Jesus Christ! Lol

Anderson would make that retard well look even more retarded than he already does. He’s awful and hand picking clowns for a reason. I’d be impressed if he took this fight cause he would get embarrassed and knocked dead!

I don’t thi k Silva is so hard up for money that he would agree to take a dive!

Has nothing to with prime, how about someone who can box? That’s a start! This is like Askren picking boxers to have a wrestling match with.


I can’t believe this is real life.

Chris Weidman is lobbying for Anderson vs. Jake Paul.

“I would love to see him fight Anderson Silva,” Weidman said on “Won’t Back Down” podcast (via MMA Junkie). “He’s calling out all these fighters with UFC contracts. I don’t think he’s really – none of those are really going to happen at this point.

“The UFC would have to get behind it almost like a Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather type match. But unless you’re drawing in $500 million like the Mayweather and Conor McGregor fights were doing, the UFC’s not doing that because they want to split it. They would split it, but if it’s not that type of money, they’re not doing it. So (we’re) wasting our time even talking about (Nate) Diaz, (Jorge) Masvidal and (Kamaru) Usman.”


will they use a different signal for when the “KO” punch is coming for this fight?

my fuck people are dumb

This…Anderson should be calling out De La Hoya or Vitor


the only thing anderson should be doing is enjoying retirement


What does the guy have 4 fights? Have you seen the shitbags top prospect boxers fight their first 15 fights? I agree about him fighting guys his weight but he is progressing at a totally acceptable rate with his opponents considering we are talking about boxing. Plus I like him

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Huge paycheques really help with that.

  • signed Woodley and Askren
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Jake isnt stupid

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good fight, but i would have paul.

Anderson Silva would smoke Jake Paul. Dude only has a few fights and people are wanting him to fight the best striker in MMA history.

Surely nobody on Jake Paul’s team is dumb enought to make that fight.

Canelo fought some dude that was like 1-15 in one of his first few fights.


Youre high

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Not a good night for Silva…

Its hard to quit then for a fight you earn at least +100k $

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