Jake Paul's plans of "exposing" UFC level striking against Woodley

Are you buying what baby brother Paul is selling?

Which one is this. The one who boxed askren or the one who boxed mayweather?
The one who boxed mayweather is terrible. The one who fought askren can at least throw a punch and has some pop.

That said the askren fight looked like a work which I’m fine with…it would seem these though be guys pay better for works than Dana does for real fights. Why wouldn’t these dudes get paid?

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They love fighting welterweights and lower. Both of them walk around over 210+


Hey tyron ain’t exactly a small welterweight either, he looks every bit of 200+

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While both these Paul guys have some entertaining fights, I don’t see them playing too much close attention to weight classes.

It’s not a sport for them, it’s sports entertainment.

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Let us MMA fans hope that Woodley brings respect back the MMA by dominating or knocking out Jake Paul!!!


God I hate when I hear this. Yeah the UFC isn’t a strict striking sport you dumb fuck.

I’m gonna start fighting boxers so I can expose their level of wrestling.


The issue is also he is not only fighting guys who are smaller and say what you will about Tyron walking around at 200 or whatever, Tyron has never fought above 170 and next to Paul he looks small.

Also people need to stop with the Tyron is a striker shit, Tyron had speed and power and shocked people because he is a wrestler, that’s what got him to the UFC. Tyron always has a punchers chance but he is NOT a boxer.

The shit talk Paul is going to do after he knocks out Woodley will just be insane. But he still will not have fought a boxer his own weight class. Tyron is being billed as this bad ass striker when he is not, no mention that he has lost 4 fights in a row and the last 18 rounds he has fought all against NON boxers as well,

The kid clearly has some skill, but we can’t gauge how much until he fights someone from his own sport and weight class and who is not retired or a can. Until that happens it’s hard to take jake Paul serious.


I get what your saying, but hopefully these guys make some good money off of fighting him. The games changing, strange but hey He’s bound to get clipped at some point.

He will expose Woodley’s boxing 100%. Since when has Woodley had any footwork/striking skills? Big overhand Right ain’t gonna do shit here homey.
Woodley getting that tattoo


Woodley takes an obvious dive setting up connor/jake paul mega fight…bet the farm on it


Jake is right. MMA guys can’t box. That’s why they do mma and not boxing. They are getting exposed

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This pretty much sums it up. The best strikers in the world are not in MMA but they aren’t supposed to be

Woodley is not a good boxer either. He is explosive and has a nice right hand but that’s about it… his boxing technique is pretty weak but he’s definitely better than Askren but that’s not saying much

Woodley has been so schizo lately that I think Jake beats him

You’d think woodley would have put a lot more hours in with high level boxing coaches in his time than Paul had though.

All triller fuckery aside Woodley has to be the favourite

why favourite? cause he did a photo op with TBE?
Dude is either;
A- getting beat up by a Disney Entertainer
B- throwing a fight to make some coin

at least we know what his walk out song will be, glad Snoop and Triller looking after fellow rappers

Because he was ufc champion and has trained in martial arts most of his life…

It’s cool if you don’t like him though. Are you a Colby fan?

love Colby!!
one of my fave fighters

jake will win and then call out conor