Jay Estrada= IFL

Word on the street is Jay Estrada just got added to May 19th IFL card. He'll be fighting as an alternate for the Chicago Red Bears.

Nice to see the IFL actually getting Chicago fighters on the Chicago team. but Travis Fulton? c'mon now.

So Estrada will be taking on Bart ?????

This cross my mind yesterday or the day before. I swear I am pyschic or something

This will be the 3rd time these two face off.

no, Jay's fighting as an alternate. I don't know his opponents name.

the result of Jay's fight would only come into play if there is a draw during the best of 5.

Oh really?

That's cool. Best of luck to him


well hopefully he doesnt get injured...

I was kind of looking forward to June 2nd.

ttt for Jay

I'll be there.

As will I

Timmy, I talked to Jay yesterday and he's fighting some guy who just started training at MFS.

I think the kid is 6-0 and is a decent wrestler. That's all I know.

Jay is always pumped to fight and I can't wait!
This will be my third IFL show, and I they're the shit!!

TTT for Estrada and Bart Palasewski.

John Strawn will be fighting for the Red Bears and is fighting Bart

i'll be there. probably buying cheap seats and sneaking to the floor like i always do. gonna try to sneak the wife in under a trenchcoat.

anybody know where the weigh ins are at? i'd like to get there early and wave a cheeseburger in front of Jay while he waits to weigh in.

I think he's fighting L.C. Davis.

Good luck Neer!!!

Bart should be fighting Strawn and Chris Mickle is going to fight L.C. Davis. At least that's what I hear from Mickle. I think Mickle also said that Estrada is hurt, but I could be wrong there.

i guess mickles name was thrown around but Jay got the fight. as of yesterday, Jay is not hurt. Makes sense that Jay's fighting cus he's actually from Chicago and beat Mickle awhile back.

yeah L.C. Davis sounds right.

Bart is fighting Strawn.