Jeff Monson Vs. Marcio Cruz ?

Can Pe De Pano win this fight does he have a chance at all?

He has a chance but I dont see him winning.

I wonder what the odds will be on this fight

One thing's for sure, Pe de Pano won't be able to tap out and then jump to his feet in celebration in the UFC. :)

lol @ ryan g for copping a feel of the correct

It would be hilarious if Monson tapped him with a brutal can opener!

it would be hilarious if pe de pano tapped him with a brutal can opener!

I think Pe de Pano training with Babalu is going to make the difference.

The can opener finish would be hysterical though.

I think Jeff will handle him with ease and pound the hell out of him and I can't wait to see it!

"pe de peno will submit monson"

Didn't he already try that?

"What has Monson done which makes him anything special"

His improvement over the past couple of years is stunning. He just beat the shit out of Hinkle, he's an ADCC champion, he, in my mind, is the real deal. He seems to have really stepped up his game and I really don't see him losing for a while and I believe he could give Arlovski a run for his money. A really good match up in my mind would be Asserilo Silva vs. Monson. I'd really like to see that.

I don't think Monson deserves the highest ranking of American heavyweights yet (because he hasn't beat top opponents yet), but I do believe he's the best American heavyweight in MMA right now. Time will tell, I guess.

He has improved so much. When he called himself a BJJer after beating Hinkle, he wasn't joking. He's no longer a wrestler.

He was a great submission grappler.

Now he is a great submission grappler that actually submits people.

Think of Arona, if he decided to use some of his submissions.

Monson will crush Pe De Pano. This time, the can opener is legal and Cruz can't bitch out like he did before.

"Would like to see Monson win, but have a feeling that Cruz will take his back and get the choke. "

Because Cruz couldn't choke Monson out in a Submission Grappling match and could only beat Monson by crying about a foul that Monson never actually committed?

And don't say it may be different in MMA as oppossed to sub grappling, because Monson has years more experience than Cruz, better strikes and vicious GnP. Monson will be a heavier favorite than Mir was over PdP and Monson won't be coming from a year and a half lay off with a suspect leg.

"What has Monson done which makes him anything special? His record shows losses against decent fighters and wins over nobodies, except Tim Lajcik. I mean come on, Ricco Rodriguez KO'd him!"

KO'd him? I remember a blown up Monson getting hit and not responding very intelligently, but he didn't get knocked out. And glad you mentioned that fight, cause one thing always irked me about that: here Monson is freakishly strong, great shape, and a great grappler. So what would he need with him? Maybe a good striking coach in his corner? Ahh....yes. Conan Silviera! :)

Think of the guys he's been training with the for the past few years and its apparent he learned what he needed to do. He'd beat Ricco at least by decision these days I think (Well the 300+ Ricco obviously...I mean in shape).

I'd like to see Mir vs. Monson.

Don't underestimate Pe De Pano, he handled Mir pretty easy, and Mir is on another level then Monson...

I called this fight a month ago.

Pe De Pano vs Monson

Hinkle vs Mir

Oh well, we'll see what happens.

FACTS: Pe De Pano may be a tad bit better grappler, but MOnson CAN hang with him on the ground....HOWEVER, I do not think PDP has ANY chance while standing...WHich makes this fight more even, imo.

I think it'll be a 3rd war that will go to dec. WIth PDP winning.

Arlovski will DESTROY either of them though so it doesn't much matter who wins now does it..?


First of all, Mir is no where close to being as good a grappler as Monson. Monson would manhandle Mir.

Secondly, Monson has already "beaten" Cruz TWICE in subgrappling. What makes Cruz so great in MMA that now he'll be able to tap him out?

Monson by decision.