Jens will KO Gomi

Jens said it himself, if Gomi gives him 4 punches hes going to get knocked out. Jens sounded like a kid in a candy store when he was talking about his upcoming fight.

Jens by nasty uppercut in round 1...


lol... funny stuff.... Gomi will get Jens down and gnp pulver... until he taps or ref stops fight.

don't underestimate Jens and his groundgame...


but it's ok to underestimate Gomi's game?..hmm.

I like Pulver but he doesnt KO Gomi , Gomi will win this fight

Gomi By JD

I really like Jens, I hope he wins and I can see ways the he could but it is very foolish to bet against Gomi.

I think Gomi has a better rounded game...but Jens has amazing quickness and power in his hands - he may very well be able to stop him standing!

jens with the boxing skills

i saw jens box against a good fighter with good amateur credentials... he showed great heart and toughness pulling out a win, but gomi is a demon

lil evil

crazyhorse beating jens is laughable and I like crazyhorse.

Pulver by KO!!!!

When Jens is on top of his game he forgets how to lose...and from what hes been doing as of late it would appear that losing is a distant memory and whoever gets in Jens way is gonna get dropped.

Giving this one to Lil Evil in a WAR

Da Swede, tell John Lewis that Jens doesn't have KO power at 155. Jens broke his jaw with a left hook 20 seconds into the fight

NoPlacebo, Jens is the last guy you'd ever want to bet against

Gator Man, that might be the dumbest post you've ever made....and that is saying a lot

I can't wait to see Jens fight on PPV again

I think Gomi has a great right hand and great takedowns as well so it should be tough on Jens. That said, Jens can stop takedowns to the point of utter frustration and Gomi fighting him and lasting on his feet is a bit overly optimistic at this point because Jens' hands are out of this world now. If Jens hits him he will go down, no matter how good Gomi's chin is, that is just a plain fact. If he touches his body it will be a very short night because no matter how good a chin he has, nothing can stand up to a lethal liver shot. Ask Jens' last five opponents in the ring. They all had good chins too. Chin is so far from the liver. Jens via tough, memorable, KO.

People have forgotten just who little Evil is.

nobody has forgotten who Pulver is, its just that people tend to underrate Gomi. People haven't seen how tough he is.


back in 99 Takuya Kuwabara hit Gomi SQUARE IN THE FACE with a kick which knocked Gomi down. While the reff was giving Gomi a 10 count Gomi got up and handed the reff the marker that had fell out of the reff's hands. He then went on the BEAT THE SHIT out of Kuwabara, and at times was running at him throwing punches ala Silva/Belfort.

Ryan Bow broke Gomi's eyesocket with a knee from hell, and then later caught Gomi in an armlock that was sick. When the reff asked Gomi if he was ok, he simply stuck up his hand and waved at the people in the stands.

BJ Penn beat the living hell out of Gomi, and hit him with some of the hardest punches I have ever seen in any sport and Gomi never once got knocked down, or backed up.

On top of that Gomi KO'ed Dokonjonsuke Mishima, who gave Ralph Gracie all he could handle, and beat Aurelio.

I have no idea who will win this fight, but don't just assume that Gomi won't be able to handle Pulver's punching.

ttt for a Gomi victory over Little Decision

I say Jens by TKO in round 1 or 2!

Uh let me see here...Jens last victory over top competition.....about 3 YEARS ago(BJ Penn). Don't believe the hype. Since suffering his second consecutive KO he trained boxing real hard for the past 18 months and is suddenly this dynamo on his feet! Gomi is gonna make him look silly!

Not sure who to pick but I hoping for a great fight. I just hope it's not one of those quick KO's like the Ralph Gracie fight. But the strange thing is Jens said he couldn't fight MMA for another year because of boxing. I guess money talks with the four fight deal with Pride.