Jessamyn Duke Pics

Make sure you switch on The Ultimate Fighter this Wednesday, Oct 9 at 10pm ET / 7 pm PT on Fox Sports 1 because Jessamyn "The Gun" Duke takes on Raquel "Rocky" Pennington in what many insiders are describing as the most intense fight of the season. Like WMMA Like Women's MMA Discussion

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Video: Watch The 30 Second TV Spot Promoting This Fight:

video: Pre-Fight Interviews with Jessamyn Duke and Raquel Penington:

She's on EBR tonight. Phone Post

Kru Jess is awesome! Phone Post 3.0

Video: Watch the fight announcement made by Ronda Rousey :

Jessamyn Lauzon Phone Post

Did I read that she was a former model?

Figure4LegLock - Did I read that she was a former model?

she talked about it on tuf. wasnt exactly a successful career.

She's too country Phone Post 3.0

^^^^lol is that last pic with the bodybuilder dude from american gladiators?

I'm not sure about gladators, but it might be. She is sponsored by Magnum supplements 


They look like cutouts he he he

Joe Lauzon's younger sister


Duke could be the Jon Jones of the 135lbs womens division.

Letibleu - 

Duke could be the Jon Jones of the 135lbs womens division.

I think there's another chick on TUF that dwarfs even Jessamyn.

Miriam Nakamoto absolutely destroyed her earlier this year during an Invicta fight.   Crushed her face with a knee, as Miriam is known to do:

I really hope to see Nakamoto on a UFC card soon.   She supossedly is waiting for her ground game to get better, but I don't think it matters when you decimate everyone on your feet.

I think she's adorable. Even with them ears. Phone Post 3.0

^holy shit @ the ref lol. MANHANDLED

MMA Fighters are my type of woman :)