Jiu Jitsu/Judo in San Jose (AKA)

Just want to give some information about classes that I am
teaching at American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose,

M/W/F am 1030-12, pm 630-830

T/Th pm 630-730, womens class (new) pm730-830

Sat am 1030-1200

All classes are taught with uniform (gi). Combines a mixture
of Jiu Jitsu, focusing on attacks, and Judo throws. Available
for privates, email MjMalloy97@hotmail.com

Gi-less training also available by appointment.

Thank you very much. David Camarillo Black Belt Jiu Jitsu
under Ralph Gracie Black Belt Judo Formerly ranked #2 in
USA American Kickboxing Academy www.akakickbox.com
1830 Hillsdale Ave. San Jose, Ca 95124 (408) 371 4235

Any questions let me know...


Are you still teaching at Ralph's in Mt View? I've only had one class with you, but I was really impressed with your teaching.


cool dave.. welcome to the forum. =)


That Kicks Ass!

Best of luck to you! I'm sure we'll hear how well your students are doing in judo and bjj competitions in a few years.


Thank you Josh, I hope training at State is going well.

I am not officially teaching at Mtn View, but I do drop in there
every once in a while for some good training with Batata. I
still haven't learned how to choke like the master however.

I want to thank Javier Mendez, who has been great with me
comming into AKA and teaching Jiu Jitsu and also taking the
time to teach me how not to kick like Bambi. And Malloy who
keeps reminding me of that.

I hope anyone interested will come by and learn in a
respectable atmosphere that we have at American
Kickboxing Academy.

Hello Dave. Welcome to the forum.

you are a positive influence in this world man.. that for sure...

things at state have been non-existant for me. i just had shoulder reconstrction done. not total, but enough that i wont be back on the mat for 8 more weeks or so..

"kicking like bambi" lol. =) thats cause ya got some skinny legs man. great for a triangle, bad for kicking. =)



He is getting better with his kicks, thank goodness. Dave is really training hard, people should watch out cuz Bambi did get big.

Dave Camarillo is the goods, the real deal, bad ass. Train under him and you will win.

I don't know Dave but I have watched him compete and he is tuff as hell in judo, bjj and fighting, a champ.

I saw a tape of Dave beating an Italian Olympic or World judo champ via a potent juiji in some judo comp. Also, he was one of Ralph Gracie's best students.

O, have you seen his highlight tape? It is awesome!

Hey O, I was just in Michigan sorry I didnt get a chance to meet you guys. I will be returning however and would like a chance to come by and train at MFC. Go Wings!

Thanks for the compliments.

(pumping up) I can take him (puff puff- Looking for bar to bend.)

Great to see you finally getting something written on here after
sitting on the sidelines and watching what people are saying.

This is just a reminder people - though people don't say anything
on here, it doesn't mean that they are not looking in now and

The Arm-Lock Maniac and his brother ArmHunter look in all the
time, now they are teaching too - I see some very unhappy arms
coming in the future.

Malloy where the hell were you during the Blond Boc rampage a
few weeks ago - now you have to wait until February.



Hell ya man. Next time you are in MI please let me know.


We have a group of badasses at your weight that are very good, some with gi some w/o gi. You would have fun rolling with them and I bet you would dig our dojo.

I think Marcio Corleta and Fabricio Werdum are due back in town this month to train at our club. Those dudes are monsters.

There is also a no-gi submission tourney in our area 1/24 with a 16 man pro division under 160 with $1,000. going to the winner and $500. to 2nd. I believe there are a couple of bjj bbs in there like Xande and some others plus all the local tough sub fighters. Are you going to be around at that time?


On the mat, the Camarillos are everything I aspire to be. Perfect blend of throwing and groundwork. I am glad to see them posting here as they are a HUGE asset to the judo/jiujitsu community. I dont always agree with them on every issue, but I respect the fact that they can kick my ass.

Check them out at onthemat.com to see just how good they are!! (best site on the web outside of this one!!)

p.s. make sure you get a hold of us, maybe we can make you some cash while you are here..Host a seminar for ya or something.