JJORGE GURGEL Seminar in Michigan

No better way to start the new year.


Shoot me an email about that seminar.

TTT fior Billy Bob

TTT For GRJJA and TEAM Jorge Gurgel

ttt for Gurgel


Hey, are women welcome at this event?

Thought I better ask just to be sure. Never can tell these day...

Let's see..ummmmm...YES!

Thanks for checking though. You never know what kinda crazy crap you might run into these days.....

Oh you Funny Boys!


If this is the correct email address (vegetaj2003@yahoo.com), then you got mail!




TTT for Team Jorge Gurgel!


ttt for Jorge


New Years Resolution: Tap Jorge Gurgel.

My resolutions never work anyway, so why not shoot big?! What's the worst that could happen?

I'll tell him your gunnin' for him :)

That's okay, really. No need to tell him. He doesn't need to know. Okay? Please...

Kriss I'm going to have to tell Jorge. When are you planning on doing this and where? Because last time I checked your arms aren't going to reach all the way from your shack in ATL.

p.s. wax your chest it's disgusting

Grand Rapids MI January 17th and 18th.