Joe Calzaghe had stupid skills (Training Vid)

Timing, speed, power. Love these training videos.

(Sorry for the shit quality-couldn't find a better one)


RJJ and Joe Calzaghe are my fav boxers. Joe's last fight against RJJ was a dream match for me, though RJJ was far past his prime already.

Much better skills than me on that bag

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TheVandalz - RJJ and Joe Calzaghe are my fav boxers. Joe's last fight against RJJ was a dream match for me, though RJJ was far past his prime already.
Joe was also past his prime. He was moving up in weight,coked out,and couldn't close his left hand Phone Post 3.0

Mad skills, very talented guy and easily in the upper echelons of fighters past and present. Phone Post 3.0

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Anyone who said he didn't have power was never punched by him Phone Post 3.0

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stringtheory - Cool as fuck. Joe was a beast. VU Phone Post 3.0
Returned. I love seeing skills like this on display. Phone Post 3.0

Daniel Plainview - Beast mode. Great dude to. Phone Post 3.0
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How many times have we seen football tricks in crowded city tourist spots.

Would any of them have made it to the premier league?

My point being with enough practice and dedication lots of people could do what we see in that video.

However, Calzage was more than a circus trick. He was a legend, a champion for over a decade. Sadly, unquestionably not really recognised in the UK, let alone the world what he accomplished.

So glad, joe retired at the right time. Phone Post 3.0

awesome! reminds me of that badass rjj clip where he was working a double-ended ball like that! If a blue could be kind:

Rhys91 - Highly recommend his documentary. Phone Post 3.0
Didn't know there was one. Gonna watch. Thanks. Phone Post 3.0

Was put onto joe as a youth by my dad watching him with friends and he'd rope me in and tell me how good, and how slick of a boxer he was. Massive fan of the Welshman, he's an example for any fighter out there fight smart retire smart. Brains still intact and has a few appearances on sky sports (uk) doing pundit work, if I'm not mistaken I think he's his own stable of fighters? 

WBO Super middleweight Champion

IBF Super middleweight Champion

WBA Super middleweight champion

British Super middleweight champion

Ring magazine Super middleweight Champion

Ring magazine Light Heavyweight Champion 

retired at the top of his game, with everything going for him. There was a lot of doubters here in the uk claiming he retired because he was ducking a young up an coming Carl Froch. Froch called him out for years Calzaghe never bit tho. Kept it classy and walked off into the sunset. Calzaghe would school Froch even now

So is hitting that thing as difficult as it looks? I think I would miss it more than I would hit it. Phone Post 3.0