joe rogan on opie and anthony

said there is no way women can be good mma fighters.


didnt hear it. just read about it.

hope he beat those 2 up

"did he say anything about being dropped on HBO?"

He's live from England on Showtime this weekend.

yep and ttt

his bit on working out in his parents basement was pure gold.

"hope he beat those 2 up"
Stern still has fans?
I havent heard anything about him in a while

I have never said that. I have actually said that Gina Carrano (sp?) fight on showtime was the most entertaining fight on the card. The conversation we had on the air was basically revisiting a conversation I was having with a female comedian of why women and men couldn't really compete against each other because of the difference in bone structure.

zero... point... zero...

Yes, Stern is "stuck" on satellite making EIGHTY MILLION dollars last year...

mrmahd... what were O&A's ratings in Las Vegas last book?  hint: zero... point.. zero...

dude....dopie and anthony blow and the ratings in n.y are worse then when david lee roth was on the air




mrmahd, you are retarded... Stern is being paid $500mm because Sirius is BUILDING a satellite radio industry on his back... now, he may not be able to do it, but there is no one else in the world that could even try...

BTW... you forget that O&A were also exclusively on XM (for a while when they finally got a job after being kicked off of FM)...

BUT they failed miserably!... that is why they aren't exclusive anymore... the suits at XM were desperately trying to make some $$ off them so they actually broke their own business model and rented them back out to FM... 

Idiot, if O&A had actually been successful on XM, they, too, according to you, would be "irrelevent" like Stern because they would not be on FM right now...

Go to sleep, you  just pwned yourself...

Stern > O&A

O&A charged 1$ extra a month to hear them on XM and got 28'000 people.

Ole Howie brought over between 2.5 and 4.5 MILLION people.

We'll see where those two fags are in two years. I know where they wont be, and thats the FORBES richest people list.


> dude, you do realise they took over Howard's slot right?

Yes, but they have no ratings compared to him, you realize this, right?

you'd think they'd at least get a 0.1 from someone scanning the stations and just whizzing past theirs, at least registering something... a blip... but nope...

Nul punt nul

Isn't the #1 show in Spanish?

> again, they are number 2 in NY, in howard's old slot.

You avoid the question... what are their ratings compare to Howard's??

Bubba is on Friday mornings for Stern now... even that beats O&A., I guess... I dunno though, I take Fridays off too...

Even Martha beats O&A.

Norton is funny though.