Joe Schilling EXPOSES Keaton Jones

Go look at her ig watch her story posts she just running a money scam. Really really sad and disgusting. Tagging celebrities trying to get them to donate to her go fund me account smfh. @kimberlyjones_38 @danawhite @gracegraciefit @snoopdogg @plies

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@kimberlyjones_38 WELL WELL WELL AS YOU ALL KNOW I FUCKING HATE RACISIM TAKE A LOOK AT WHAT SOMEONE CLAIMING TO BE KEATON’s MOM HAD TO SAY FUCK THIS BITCH!! Now this might be a fake account pretending to be his mom. But this person who is doing the go fund me account needs to be put on blast

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He better hope that’s actually her and not a fake account

It’s not her from what I’ve read. 

ChicagoTom - 

It’s not her from what I’ve read. 

Ya if he’s publicly bashing this poor kids Mom over a possible fake account, it will not end well for him.


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100% fake account. 

They’ve reached out to her sister, no go fund me’s no pay pal. 

Schilling might have put that video up he sure that woman is Keaton's mother?

I like Joe but I’m pretty sure he’s an idiot.. that troll account only had 7,000 followers .. someone had posted a link to her real account with 145,000 followers but don’t think he saw it 

Too many blows to the head. Sad.

25 pages

He’s just doing what he thinks is right, hope it gets cleared up.



Sonester Sambo - Who the fuck would create a fake account of the kids mom. What kind of world are we living in

This isn't the first time something like this has happened. I live in Vegas and when we had the horrific mass shooting, there were several go fund me's put up and the founders didn't live in the state and had no real connection to the tragedy. Look what happened with the 9-11 fund as well. There are people out there that are disgusting enough to try and turn a dime off of tragedy. It's truly disgusting. 


Dude got worked by a fake account.



So, did he get tricked but the mother is still a racist ?