John Basedow...

Who the fuck is this guy and why is he on my TV every 20 minutes? Is flexing more important than posture?

He appeals the the modern person who favors form over function.

He looks like he is living a bit hungry to me. Sucked in cheeks...Eat damn it, eat!


Well, they show him bench pressing 45 pound dumbbells so I'm not too impressed, but hey who knows. He sure knows how to cut weight though.

My g/f and I were watching MTV the other day (I know, I know...) and they showed about 4 of his commercials in an hour. My g/f says "man, that guy looks like he is sick. He also needs to stand up straight." LOFL.

In his defense he is definately ripped, but on the downside he's built like a bird. Not so good :(

He sells a bunch of supplements on his site. Don't know how healthy they are, but they sure do seem to lower body fat %.

john facedown!


Those infomercials kills me..."Fitness made simple: bringing real results, to real people." You can tell how much that commercial plays in my area because I can remember his punch line.