John McCain

I'm sick of everywhere you read about anti-mma they talk about McCain being the leader against mma. Why don't they ever talk about the fuck being on a major boxing commision and was getting payed big bucks by the boxing community to try and shut down the sport that was taking over boxing. John McCain you want something to bitch about here you go FUCK YOU!!!

Brad Souders

ps: sorry about the rant i read the article on Gannon and Kimbo and sure enough their was fucktards name

Excellent point but take a breath.

John McCain drove many of us early entrepreneurs out of the game but luckily now he is not much of a factor.

McCain sucks!

I wish he was pres.

Fvck McCain

I read a quote by him where he said the sport appeared regulated now, or words to that effect.

"I wish he was pres."

Me too.

He was annoying with all of his anti-UFC/MMA rhetoric.

Any of you guys get to see him and Ken Shamrock on Larry King Live back in, like, 96? Ken made him look like a total ASS. It was pretty funny.

ive hated mccain since he screwed ppv

It may have been in '95. Ken was the UFC's poster boy at the time. Larry was doing the show primarily about "no rules fighting", and Ken was well-presented and well-spoken, so he was a good spokesman for the UFC's side.

The producers stacked the deck. All they showed were clips of striking, and brutal G&P. No Royce, no submissions, no wrestling, no fighters showing respect before and after the fights.

McCain was, of course, the sport's biggest opposition. Unfortunately, he had NO CLUE what the hell he was talking about. None. He was basically going on hearsay, and about 10 seconds of tape (I believe Smith vs Norris, which WAS brutal). Literally. He had done NO research. He was spouting off bullshit "facts". It's barbaric. It's participants are scum, uneducated, even criminals. He said that there was no medical staff present. He said that fighters fought until one of them is brutally rendered unconscious. And the best one was when he said that fighters have died participating in these events.

Larry gave McCain about 20 minutes by himself, and then brought in Shamrock, via satellite.

Ken was awesome. Absolutely blew McCain out of the water.



I'm sure Ken was coached a little, but he knew his shit, and he retained what he was coached, completely. He presented everything perfectly. Just debunking everything McCain was saying. He literally made him look and sound retarded.

He knew what fighters had gone to college, what professions they had, such as teachers, instructors, police officers, etc. He knew the percentages of submissions, ko's and stoppages in the UFC, and pointed out that the ko percentage was much smaller than the other two. He pointed out all of the safety precautions, fighter physicals, check-ups before and after the fights. He pointed out there was a referee (and gave Big John's background), and that the referee could step in and stop a fight at any time.

He made McCain admit to being a boxing fan and advocate, and then tore him up. He talked about deaths in boxing. He actually knew the number of boxers who have died in this century, or have suffered brain damage from the sport. He even gave names and examples. Pointed out that NO deaths had occured in MMA, nowhere in the world.

He pointed out that the point in boxing is to punch your opponent so many times in the head that you knock him out. Pointed out that in a single boxing match, a fighter is taking, at times, over one hundred blows to the head, with padded, heavy gloves, and with each strike, the brain was being rattled. He pointed out that in MMA, the majority of strikes only do superficial damage. Cuts, bruising, etc.

Here's one of the best exchanges:

Ken: "What's Roberto Duran's nickname?"

McCain: "I...I don't know, off hand."

Ken: "No, the name he was given after the Ray Leonard fight?"

McCain: "Oh, uh...'No Mas' "

Ken: "Yeah. Because he quit in the middle of a boxing match. He was considered a coward for what he did. In our sport, it is honorable to quit, to submit to your opponent. No man is considered a coward for submitting to their opponent."

McCain, getting redder andd redder, and pissed because he was looking so stupid, then goes onto say that it would be hard for a fighter to give up if he was being choked unconscious. Ken pointed out that all the fighter had to do was repeatedly slap the mat with an open palm, and the fight would be stopped. Again, something McCain would've known if he had just done the research.

He brought up Royce, and his background, and that he was a three time UFC champion, and that he had submitted every single one of his opponents. He also pointed out that they weren't showing any clips of submissions or grappling.

Larry even changed his tune as the debate went on. McCain seemed to be all alone, and he was getting more and more defensive. Ken was THAT good. He just flat out dominated and destroyed McCain in that debate.

It was funny as hell, and awesome as a fan, to see my powerful state senator utterly destroyed by a "barbaric, uneducated" fighter.

Whether you like Ken or not, he loves the sport, and he stands up for it, it's fighters, and it's fans.

Sorry Rory! Slow typer.

And I had to shit.

McCain endured like 6 years in a hell whole for this country. And given an opportunity to leave he turned it down to stay with his men. I can't imagine what spending just 1 week in that situation would be like.
So he did all that, came back and now serves his country again as a senator.

Then what does he do? Uses all the respect that he earned doing it to try and shut down a sport that features consenting adults who train for years to compete. What a fuc tard! The very freedoms he fought and almost died for he trys to take away.

And now I'm reading this and had no idea he was a boxing fan and possibly linked to boxing commisions. So he's a fuc tard and possibly corrupt.

goku...I tried looking for it on the net a couple of years ago, but couldn't find it.

I guess you could go to Larry King's website and see if they've got it archived and for sale. I sure as hell couldn't find it for free.


thanks BM that was informative. somehow that larry king flew under my radar (or above.)

I was lucky enough to see the debate. And Ken did own him. Besides his anti-ufc stance, i like McCain alot. But i don't know how far his presidential aspirations can take him. I mean how is he gonna beat a career politician in a debate when he can't even beat Vince Fucking Torelli?!

I saw that King episode. Ken did a great job.
I have it taped on VHS. but I don't have any way to transfer it to the computer.