Johnny Walker cites ex-trainer in loss to Anderson

Walker Johnny Silva Barra de Souza was on a nine-fight win streak, and a candidate for a title-shot vs. light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, until he was TKOed in 127 seconds by Corey Anderson at UFC 244. Now Walker plans to prepare at Firas Zahabi's Tristar for his next fight, vs. Nikita Krylov at UFC on ESPN+ 28.

And during a recent interview with The Schmo, Walker pinned the loss to Anderson on his former coach.

"I don't accept this loss because I can beat him," said Walker, as transcribed by Ryan Harkness for MMA Mania. "I know that. But I had a little problem during the fight, fight week as well, before the fight some stress with my team. So I learned a lot and it's not going to happen again."

"I don't train with my old coach anymore because the problem is with him. During fight week he stressed me out twice, and before the fight he almost hurt my shoulder because he don't know how to hold the pad properly. We don't match too well on fight week. For a long time I start having these, because we live together, about respect as well. Some things are not getting met. So now I have no coach and I'm trying to go to Tristar and look for a new coach and new experience and new guys. And I'm ready to restart again."

"I'll be ready. I'm going to train hard there, gonna learn as much as I can, I'm gonna beat Nikita Krylov. ... I don't care what people think. I'm going to be the same guy, but better."

"I'm gonna work in everything. Wrestling, jiu-jitsu, strike, box, everything that I can work. I always learn and improve myself every day. So I'll be better and I'll be back. Soon. The 14th of March. Brazil. My time to get the bonus of the night again."

The stress from his coach caused him to try and showboat when he should have been fighting?


Also, who was his old coach?

Talented guy but seems a little off in the head.

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Was it the same shoulder he hurt while celebrating?


That retard that's interviewing him is cringeworthy as fuck. 


One of the more mentally weak fighters I've seen in some time.

Black Doug -
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Wtf do fighters  let stupid fucks like the interviewer even remotely close to them much less interview 


Hey look! Another flash in the pan.

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Richard Bannister -

What's wrong wirh the guy on the right? 

He's the noobs Ariel helwani. We live in a world where being good at your profession is not good enough to get recognised, but acting like a retard is.

Not the reporters fault just shows where we are as a society and what hope we have if we face a massive calamity, zero.

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The Brazillian excuse!

The classic "It was my trainers fault" after a loss. Nothing to see here, move along!

So many great points in this thread:


 "Making good decisions under duress is what separates good from great."


100% agree!


"We live in a world where being good at your profession is not good enough to get recognised, but acting like a retard is."


The truth!!

Captain Canuck -

The Brazillian excuse!

this, if he had won you hear nothing

KaiTangata - The classic "It was my trainers fault" after a loss. Nothing to see here, move along!

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The coach that helped him get that win streak is now at fault because of this one loss?  What's with him saying he doesn't accept the loss?  Lose with some grace, you fucking excuse making brazilian windbag.

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That interviewer's shtick is something else. 

I couldn't get past that intro of the video.

If you want to be a wrestling valet, call AEW.

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