Jon Jones Vs OSP

Let's go Phone Post 3.0

Yawnnnnn Phone Post 3.0

Was hoping for a heavyweight Phone Post 3.0

For a interim belt wow Phone Post 3.0

What's his rank? 7-10? Phone Post 3.0

I thought the most ridiculous thing Dana was going to say would be "the number six ranked fighter just makes more sense than the number 7; but then he hit us with this fight will be for the interim belt" and here I stand corrected 

So many interim titles it feels like lately Phone Post 3.0

Fucking stupid. Will not buy Phone Post 3.0

That interim title is going to make me more $. Phone Post 3.0

Why have him fight a guy where he would be like -3000? Phone Post 3.0

Crystal Meth Jesus - Stupid. I guess it's better than Jones not fighting. Should have picked a HW

Is it better? I would prefer waiting to see Jones / DC at a later date. It's not like Jones / OSP will break records, so move Mighty Mouse to headline try and get another name on the card and move Jones / DC to 200 where it belongs.

It's official: Phone Post 3.0

Wtf wtf. Really? Phone Post 3.0

WTF happened to any LHW or HW?

I knew they were gonna give Jones a gimmie fight, now people can't say shit about him not stepping up and they can still have him fight DC because no way this fight even makes it out of the first.

I'm not mad at that fight if Rumble wasn't able to take it! Phone Post 3.0

I just don't see this as competitive at all, nor do I see how there were no better options. I'll be surprised if Jones doesn't finish him within one round. Phone Post 3.0

This is tough Phone Post 3.0

Mad dumb

Turning into a circus now Phone Post 3.0

Seems like there wasn't many choices between fighters already booked or injured.

Someone please post Michael Scott no no no!!! Phone Post 3.0