Jorge Masvidal: Pay for health insurance and keep your freedoms

I agree, that’s exactly how life insurance works. I have health insurance through my business and it cost me $1600 a month and my business partner pays the same. We also have life insurance which costs about $300 a month for mine and $1400 a month for him. Makes zero sense that our health insurance is the same and our life insurance is that different.

That’s because capitalism doesn’t exist in healthcare. Medicare and Medicaid are the largest insurers and they’re 100% funded by the government. It’s the the exact same reason college tuition has skyrocketed, government loans. We don’t have capitalism and haven’t for a very long time. We have a shitty mix of capitalism and socialism where capitalism and greed get blamed for every problem we have. It’s laughable.

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And cigarette smokers, and drinkers, and speeders, and people fucking without condoms, and high risk ethnicities, people with low iq’s, etc, etc ,etc. /s

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That does not give you or anyone else a right to the labor of another.

Private entities do a far better job.

The thing about “survival of the fittest” is that it sounds totally awesome - just so long as it is someone else’s survival that is at stake.

didn’t say it does, I’m saying we do it all the time. It will continue to happen no matter we do, so we should direct to a place that helps the most

I was all ready to go socialist Canadian on your ass, but that is a valid point.

Except in the cost vs quality, cost always loses.

There has to be some kind of medium where you can have both.

Isn’t that backwards? Quality loses out to cost, meaning cost is more important and quality will suffer.

Apparently we do. Look at NY or federal government in general taxing people more to provide bullshit social services. Right now tax payers are paying the hotel bills for the homeless still I don’t wish to continue with examples but it does seem like I’m slaving away for the lazy fucks to live at minimum wage

My works health insurance is this too. Its almost $300 a month for it. I’m not paying $280 a month for health insurance that doesn’t even cover shit.

Hmmm…let me think about it.

Quality does suffer when cost is the bottom line but I think what I wanted to say and it didn’t come out right is that when you allow cost to spiral out of control and claim it’s because you are quality then you lose because your power of purchase through masses is diminished.

Again, I think there can be a happy medium with cost and quality. It doesn’t have to be one or the other.

Two wrongs do not make a right.

It is, isn’t it?

The roads in my community are private and pristine. The roads outside it are public and bumpier than a teenager’s face.

And every single bit of that is wrong. The antithesis of what our nation is supposed to be.

Men went to war with them brits because of it

I’ve been ripped off by health insurance too many times so I finally dropped it a year ago. It’s a racket & I just refuse to partake in that game any more.