Props to Lee Murray for taking advantage of Jorge's mistakes, but Jorge is still the man! I really hope Jorge isn't one of these guys who looses one match and the UFC abandons. Jorge is an excellent fighter and I think would win a rematch. He had a bad night and made a couple of mistakes.

If all you detractors had seen Jorge's fight with Lutter, you would know that Jorge is better on the ground than that. I think he underestimated Murray's ground ability and made some mistakes. Anyone who has ever seen Lutter knows that he is an absolute nightmare on the ground and Jorge defended against his submissions for the whole fight and got the TKO.

TTT for Rivera/Murray II ASAP~

You got my vote

Not taking anything away from Murray but it was a simple mistake.
El Conquiscador will be back better than ever Im damn sure of that.

One thing th UFC should think of doing is have a translator or even subtitles the next time Murray speaks.

TTT for jorge... props to Murray for his win!!! Jorge will be back, it will really suck training with him for his next fight though... I can already feel the bruises......

Jim de

I've seen Jorge fight a few times, and he's definately better than that... He made a mistake and Murray capitalized on it.

I would love to see a rematch as well, I think Jorge will do much better the next time around.

I hope the UFC brings him back soon...

I'm not taking anything away from Murray either, I think he did an excellent job...

He made a mistake, it happens, he will learn from it.

TTT for Jorge on the next card!

Now Jorge knows what David Loiseau felt like after they fought...

He had a bad match, that's all...

He'll be back.

(I'd still take Murray in the rematch though) ;)


Bring him back.

Jorge is a great warrior. That being said he went with the wrong game plan and got over agressive leaving his arm and head behind on the pass. I have seen Jorge in everyfight he has been in just about including hinkle fight. Wich Jorge greatly improved his game after that fight and rocked people. Jorge pound the next guy in the slugger way you do and Rematch Muray force thye fight on him its his game and yours but your better!

I'm sure Rivera could have done much better than he did, but there's really no need for a rematch any time soon. He had his chance and lost fair and square.

That fight was tough to watch knowing how hard Jorge trained for that fight and how much it meant to him to see him lose like that.

Jorge got caught and he is much better than that. UFC had better not turn Jorge away. He is one of the most exciting fighterts to come along for a long time. You'll get him next time, Jorge.

what randy said! if anyone can figure out what it is.

Yea what chris said!

Poor Rivera looked like he had NEVER done ground work before. And he survived Lutter?????

Look up the definition of "mistake".

Rivera was scared of Lee's power.

You guys should be happy he took it to the ground to get tapped out, instead of getting his chin blasted into the third row.

I'd like to see Rivera back as well though, he's a tough guy and true warrior.

El Conquistador Volvera!

ttt for Jorge. And Brown, great to see Team Elite represented during the entrance. ttt for the fast-approaching day when we see Brown in the big show as well!

JR is a bad mofo - Just wasn't his night.