Josh Rosenthal appreciation thread

Had he stopped the fight when Hendo had Shogun badly hurt early on I don't think many would have disputed it, but he gave Rua the chance to hang in there and as a result, we were treated to what will surely go down as one of the greatest battles in mma history. Kudos sir. Phone Post


He did great. They should give him a good ref bonus. Phone Post

Really great ref and super nice guy. Phone Post

Rosenthal always gives the fighters that extra second. I can't recall one fight where there was any controversy with him in there. Phone Post

Yeah, credit where credits due, he did a superb job in that fight.

Agreed Phone Post

Rosenthal did an awesome job. Makes me wish he was reffing the Fedor-Hendo. Could've been an even more epic battle had he let it go longer. Phone Post

Agreed. Fantastic job by Josh Phone Post

Agreed. I would have said it was a fair stoppage and knowing what I know now I would have been dead wrong.

rosenthal is awesome

What a great ref. Respect for him! Phone Post

Just watched the fight today and I was thinking the same thing. Signed

Big John, Herb Dean, and Josh Rosenthal are the 3 best refs in the biz.

kvr29 - josh is the best imo


 I ttotally agree.  The guy doesn't overreact and keeps a level head during the whole fight.  You can see him smiling here and there and looks like he's relaxed and enjoying his job.  It's definitely a demeanor I'm not sure can be learned.  Maybe, with enough experience.  Dunno, buy da man go it. 

As a fan, I'm confident that there will be no reffing issues when I see him in the intros to a big fight. I get the sense that he's totally in control of that octagon. Whether it be checking out a cut above the eye, or gauging if a fighter's still in the fight, he's got the best judgment, IMO.

Yeah but that would have sucked if Hendo ended up losing the match and gets dropped down in rank when he clearly had Shogun "on the ropes." For MMA to become a more respected sport, we need less controversies and more consistency.

TTT. Josh posted a thank u thread. Hope to have the honor of fighting a bout he refs someday. Phone Post

he also did a masterful job reffing the Lesnar-Carwin fight at UFC 116