Joslins Holiday Training

Lets use this thread to post potential training times during the holiday season. Quite a few people will be in tonight at 7:00pm.

If you guys want to get together OR you've heard that other people will be congrigating at another time, post said time on this thread. Make sure that if I'm not there, than someone at the club will be there to let you in (ie. Jeff, Linda, or Rick Joslin). I've got a key, so if I'm going in, no worries.

I am at work but if things go smooth I'll be there.

I got my GI in the car in hopes there would be some training today.

Dragan mentioned wanting to train on Saturday at noon as well. I gave him my number to call if it's a go I'll post it as well.


Yo PJ call me your phone is cut off incase u didnt know

I'd like to come in sometimes next week. Does anyone know if there will be someone capable of dealing with membership renewal stuff / admin???

PJ pay your phone bill

PJ lost his job just recently due to budget cuts in the Catholic School Board, I think we shouldn't be making fun of this situation.

I hope your able to keep your membership at the club PJ and if you want pass me your Resume for my place.


I'll be in tonight for sure but I don't know about Sat.

i changed my number to screen my many fans....only the true hardcore fans can get through to me now


For those of you out of know, it seems like there'll be training on:
Sat - 12 noon and Sun - 11am

I can't go on Sat but I'll see you guys on Sunday.

Bling, Bling do your thing and I'll see you on Sunday then.

I'll be there on Sunday.

anyone training sat

Saturday at Noon, Gi and No-Gi

Time for both Sat and Sun?

Sunday 11am Gi & No-Gi

Saturday 12Noon Gi & No-Gi

Is anyone training Friday at noon or want to?

I might be able to Dave. I'll give yah call or you give me a call. Gi & No-Gi OK.

Hi Jay I will bring my Gi and my no Gi it's all good.

Saturday at high noon.... be there bitches!!

I'll be there Rowan and so will Jack. I saw Rick today and he said he was coming in as well. I am not sure but I think Dragan and Richard will be coming in as well. I am going to call JerBear as well and let him know.