Judo video


I agree its a great video, and I'll be studying it for awhile.

However, WTF is going on at 32:20?

I think it said something about Kata, but it looks like a bad Noh play.

"Look, look, now I'm an airplane VVVVVVVVVVVVV!"

Kyuzo Mifune


ttt for later

cool vid

ttt for lata

nice find!

Good stuff. i liked the chokes and the rubber guard part. About what,

shows that nothing in bjj and jacket/submission wrestling has really evolved and nothing is really new.


I love watchin these old pre 1970's MA films. Shows both how much and how little things have changed in martial arts. As fans of mma we often think that we're blazing a new trail, but sometimes we find we're actually on a beaten path.

cool vid. TTT

check out the kosen videos on the same page

"but i would take helio in a fight anyday"

I think it would be a great fight but Mifune would win. Mifune invented the triangle choke and was the greatest judo guy ever.


i was wondering many bjj schools now offer no gi classes...back in the day did any judo dojo ever have no gi classes?

thats high level stuff

i agree. if you love judo, check out kurosawa's 1st film, sanshiro sugata.

as much as i love mma, that old stuff still gets to me

i could counter all of those by jumping to guard.


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