Judoist submitting a Bjj guy?

Ever seen a Judo bb submitting a BJJ bb?
I ask to mention your personal experience and if you have ever seen that "live".
Please, don't talk about Royce-Yoshida fight....

Who the fuck is Hideoki?

Who the fuck is Gracie?

I've rolled with some judo black belts and they dominated me much worse than BJJ purple belts I've rolled with. Not sure if that is a good comparison or not...

Two words for you:

Yuki Nakai

Yuki very good fighter with gi or without.

Mozilla, I am talking about black belts....the right comparison, in my opinion, is Judo bb and Bjj bb.

Severn submitted Conan

Is Severn Judo bb?

Yes, Dan Severn is a Black Belt in Judo. And he submitted "Conan" Slviera, a BJJ Black Belt in an MMA match. No Gi.

Ok. Any witness of grappling fights/rolls?

No subs, but Sanae Kikuta (Judo BB) out pointed both (Chris Brown and Saulo Ribero BJJ BB's) at Abu Dhabi.

Also, although better known as a Sambo fighter (or Sambist), Andrei Kopylov submitted Castello Branco via knee bar at Rings KOK, in a matter of seconds.

Kopylov is a Judo BB, and Castello Branco is a BJJ BB.

BJJ definately has the advantage when it comes to submissions. Ground training and subs is the main focus.

Judo - Sport Judo really places the focus on the ippon. Gaining the point via throw and sweep. Pinning your opponent also scores. So if your training for sport, you emphasis is not neccessarily the submission.

The first Judo school that I trained in was the American Budokwai - a branch of the original Budokwai from England. Very little ground work. The ground subs that were taught on occassion were arm bars and some gi chokes. The gi chokes were referred to as strangulation techniques. The main emphasis however were throws and sweeps for points.

Things are different now in Judo clubs in NJ. Cranford Judo under Yonezuka for instance, spend more than half the time training Ne Waza and submission techniques. That was not always the case. Even more so at SMMA.

kikuta and adcc??

Sanae Kikuta won his weight class at the Abu Dhabi Combat Championships in I think 2000. I'll check.

I dont think you'll ever see a Judo Black Belt tap out a BJJ Black Belt with the gi on.

It was 2001- He defeated Saulo in the finals. He also defeated Chris Brown and Egan Inoue.

Egan defeated Ricardo Liborio, and Saulo beat Elvis Schembri earlier in the event.

At that event, the Super Match was Mark Kerr defeating Mario Sperry by points.

it would be rare, but id never say it cant or wont happen.

the odds are pretty high that the judoKA owuldnt be thrown by the bjj bb as well, but there is nothing to say that it cant or wont happen.

Here's some good Judo