I have just bought a juicer and was wondering what everyones thought's were on juicing of vegetables and fruit??

As i have heard a few opinions that it has too much sugar or it is a bad idea ... Thoughts?????

I would think the too much sugar would depend on what you put in there.

I really enjoy juicing. It shouldn't be your only intake of fruits and veggies
but it definitely has it's benefits. I made a thread about a 5 day juice fast
that I did a few months ago.

I do more vegetables than fruits but juicing apples and oranges is
amazing. You really apprecciate fresh juice after tasting that. Try juicing
Fuji apples, they're great.

Also make sure you make your juice right before you're going to drink it
so you don't lose the nutrients.

Experiment with different combinations, you'll find some good ones and
some that aren't so good ;)

I mainly do vegetables my favourite at the moment is

Carrot beetroot apple celery ginger and tomato is pretty good

cant remember the brand but was the most popular one they sell i put garlic in mine as well just tyrying to find the right amount always put too much or not enough

will trty the other vegetables ( cucumber and such )

another one for e sweet one try apple pear ginger and mint thats pretty good too :)